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There is this girl I really like. She said that we should just be friends. It drives me crazy that we are not more.


Hi friend. It definitely sucks when people we like tell us that they just want friendship and nothing more. But it’s important that we respect that.

Just know that her not liking you back doesn’t take away from your worth or you being lovable. All it means is that, yes, you will have to move on from this one, but another person will come along that you will like. Relationships take time but it happens.

Sorry she didn’t share mutual feelings friend. Happens sometimes. I’ve been there. Didn’t feel good. But, that’s okay. I have since made new friendships and new relationships.

Give it time friend.

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I’ve been there, you crush on someone and think that you guys would be perfect only to be put in the friendzone. It sucks it hurts but just because she is not into you doesn’t mean you are unlovable. Know that you matter and you will meet the one. It might take time but it will happen. Take as much time as you need to process and go at a pace that is going to work for you. Stay strong you got this.


I think we have all had this experience where we like someone and they don’t feel the same way. Yeah, it hurts for a while. But in the end, you will find your person, and understand why it didn’t work out. Sometimes it is just for the best.
Don’t push her to like you. If you like her in your life, accept her stance on the relationship and be her friend.

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