God i feel for jonathan man i was sad by my foster

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God … I feel for Jonathan man , i was SA’d by my foster dad and someone who i thought was my best friend , that trauma will stick with u forever … I still have flash backs and memories of what i have gone through with r*pe , it has made me not really trust people anymore , no one … Im crying right now writing this as i am reliving the pain and fear i felt during those times … No one deserves to go through this , i wish i didnt … It ruined my life .
I am now a grown man 25 years old and i still am suffering heavily from the trauma and pain that was inflicted on me …:cry:

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Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

I can relate to your post because I grew being physically abuse from my younger sister. My sister apologized for her past mistakes from last year. People don’t understand that trauma will always be with me forever. It took me 7-10 years to moved and be heal from my past. Every few months I do get a flashbacks but I always remind myself to focus on the present. I tell myself that trauma is my weakness that needs to improve on. Trauma may seems negative to others but it can be positive. You learned from that past that you would never hurt your family & friends.

I agreed that no one deserved to be SA’d by anyone. That’s harmful and morally wrong. It’s okay to cry when feeling fear and pain. That’s totally normal. My trauma affected me confidence and relationship with my loved ones. You feel stuck and can’t escape from the flashbacks. Just take your time to heal! You will someday in the future will be happy and feel peace. Not everyone is going to be bad friend like your foster dad. When you stopped talking to people, your anxiety and fear will increase from my experience with trauma. You are going to be okay, trust yourself! I give you a virtual hug too!

Hey friend, thank you so much for writing in. Truly vulnerable and deep…I wanted to do a video reply (~6m), and you can view that here: Video reply: God i feel for jonathan man | Loom

Thank you for posting.

-nate, heartsupport staff