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Good things about myself p2

i was just going to add this to the original thread but it closed and yeah. i don’t think this is enough for a whole post but i’m going to add it anyways :slight_smile: my friend called me cool!!! she and i talk a lot actually and i’m pretty comfortable around her and she called me cool!!! hehe :slight_smile: that made me happy.


That is indeed a good thing about yourself, and one that is worth acknowledging!

I’m so glad you have a friend who appreciates you and takes the time to actually say it. Also that you are comfortable with her. That’s really precious.

Well done for taking the time to write this down and for embracing the compliment. :hrtlegolove:


a super cool Echo :smiley:
that sounds super fancy physics thingy :smiley:

So glad that you got such a lovely compliment!


You are cool echo :wink: In fact the only thing cooler than you is probably… a freezer. :grin:

Seriosly tho I am glad you have such a friend. This just shows how little things like these can do so much.


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