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Got new positions at my job

Today, I got good news that I got a new position at my job. Not cleaning two buildings anymore, just one building and area seem not too bad.

However, I made myself look like an asshole. I was talking shit about my old boss. So it was not a first good impression. Airtightly stressing that just going prove that I’m not a good worker.

It hard to get use too a new building, before I guess lucky I work kinda during covid. So I only had to do a tiny area , and people love me there. But last stop I felt they did not like me as much.

I feel I just suck at working, but today I try my leave good first impression as much possible, I could maybe some little extra stuff. Now just overthinking shit.


Aaaaaaa! sk8er I’m so proud of you!! :blush:
Who cares how you looked, you’re out of there! You don’t have to deal with that boss anymore!

I hope things continue getting better! You’ve been working so hard and you deserve this :heart:

Take care ^~^


Well done for this new position! That’s amazing. The fear of being judged or seen differently becauseof your own anger/frustration has really been taking a toll on you, but it might be good to hold on to these tangible changes to remind yourself that you are trusted. It may not be perfect all the time, but the very fact that you are there and offered a new position speaks for itself. Well done! And also, well done for wanting to not overthink too much. Our mind can wander into so many different places when we are subjected to stress. Make sure to rationalize as much as possible when you notice that you are starting to be overwhelmed by your fears and many “what if” thoughts. You got this!

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Oh Metalskaker, what are we going to do with you?? well lets see first of all. CONGRATULATIONS are in order I think and secondly, we all knew you were good at your work, we had faith in you the whole time, we just wanted you to have that faith. You clearly didnt look an A-hole or you wouldnt have got the job. I wish you had more belief in yourself.
You got a new postiion because you are a trusted employee, if you talked a little nonsense in front of your boss? who doesnt? its quite normal when we get nervous we fumble over our words, they allow for that and quite frankly I think they expect it. You have done brilliantly so now you can go and have a great christmas knowing you have been successful in your work and have the new year to look forward too. Im super proud. nice one. x

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congrats to you!

now make your lists of tasks, create a schedule for workign through the building to get all the areas done in way that makes sense to you.
Look how great you did, even when you were anxious and a big unsure!!

So proud of you! KEep at it.

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