Happy Two Years.. To My Final Goodbyes

This is something I’ve known was coming, but the events this afternoon assured me deep down that I’m about to make the right decision, and that decision is saying goodbye to this community. It’s been two years… it’s been two years of ups and downs, it’s been two years of pain and regret, but it’s been two years of learning as well. Every single person I’ve interacted with in this community has left a mark on my life whether good or bad.

For my own sanity, I will not be naming any names, or discussing exact situations because well it’s not worth the drama, and it’s not important. But I’m tired of the bullshit, and I’ll leave it at that. I won’t continue to be hurt, by anyone, and there’s only one way to make sure that I’m not hurt again.

To those that I’ve hurt, I’m sorry. To those that I’ve made feel uncomfortable, I’m sorry. But I must go. Please don’t reach out, I need to be alone, and I need to get away. Farewell to all. Remember you are loved, despite what you’ve done.


I’m sorry you have to leave! I hope the time off helps! And I think I speak for most of the people on this forum that we will always be welcoming when you get back :slight_smile:

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