Has anyone tried an in-patient facility for mental health?

Id really like to hear any stories regarding experiences with in-patient facilities. I think it’s my only hope


Hey @Nevergiveup333,

Welcome to the community! I’m glad you’re here.

I have experience with inpatient treatment. Several years ago I’ve been to a center for a couple of weeks, but quit half way through, because my issues got so much worse. However, such an experience very strongly depends on the diagnoses and the facility.

I got very lucky and was at a center where patients had mostly a single room, but that’s rather rare, at least according to what I’ve read. It was a women-only center, which I appreciated a lot. There were different types of therapeutic approaches, nature around to go for walks. Fellow patients definitely make a difference, as well - if you’re not someone who withdraws a lot.

I’d have a look what is offered therapy-wise and whether that meets your interests, for example art therapy and things like that. In my opinion, it is also important that the facility is specialized in your diagnoses or at least your main diagnosis. I’d definitely recommend reading reviews, while keeping in mind that there is a strong negativity bias. Patients who made positive experiences are much less likely to write a review.

What you’d definitely get out of it is time away from your usual environment and work, thus there’s plenty of time to focus on your issues. That’s of course a good thing but also challenging and definitely not the same as going on vacation. If you’re struggling, your therapist has recommended inpatient treatment, and you get this covered by insurance, it may be worth giving it a try. There’s always the possibility to quit anytime you want, so you don’t really have that much to lose.

What are your biggest concerns if you don’t mind me asking?

I hope this was somewhat helpful. Not an easy decision to make. Hope you’re doing okay so far. Sending you hugs. :hrtlegolove:


Hey @Nevergiveup333 (love your username, by the way :heart:),

I’ve personally had no direct experience with in-patient facilities, but have learned about it through loved ones experiences of it. So I can’t share about specifics, but I wanted to acknowledge that something fundamental in the way you’re going to experience this is highly tied to the decision of going there. In other words, it tends to be very helpful and welcomed if it is your decision to go there, because you would acknowledge that need, but less if the decision stems from someone else. Your personal outlook on this, the way you envision help/recovery and how much you feel empowered by decisions that could be made is fundamental.

You know yourself well and it is such a huge and brave awareness to get to that point of recognizing that you need help. An in-patient facility will be a place for you to remain safe, but also to eventually find some guidance regarding your mental health - with a follow-up afterwards. As @blini said very rightly, then comes at play the facility where you’d be and the type of support given there, which really varies from one place to another, based on several factors that shouldn’t be any patient’s concerns (health politics, location, etc.).

Something that could help you is to really identify what are your needs and expectations, and have a first contact with the therapeutic team there. They’ll be able to guide you and check in with you to see if going inpatient would be relevant for you or not. Overall, it’s also an opportunity to ask all the questions you need before committing to anything. If you feel overwhelmed by your life, work, responsibilities or whatsoever, it could be a very much needed break during which you can slow down and focus on you, without having to worry about anything else.

No matter what your decisions are on that matter, rest assured that this community is here and willing to support you through it all. This is an important step, a healthy decision, and I hope you’ll allow yourself to receive the help you need in the near future.

You matter. :hrtlegolove:

Hi there,

I was in in patient therapy for almost a year, and also residential. I highly recommend, because you will only come out when you are ready, and everyone there is struggling the same way you are. At ours, we aren’t supposed to exchange information, but we always found a way too, and now i have some very good and close friends. I even saw some people from my school, so i know I wasn’t alone in the world, i’m not the only one struggling. The nurses are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to go to them for help, especially if you are uncomfortable with another patient (which is a possibility). There’s always the possibility of fights (everyone is in there for a reason) but there is always a place to get away if you need it. I highly recommend, and it has been a great help for me when i feel like there is no hope or safety anymore.

xxx RedRain


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