Haven't just written in a while

Had a good day today I got up caught up on some news in the Hobby’s I’m into and then spent the day cleaning out and organizing the kitchen pantry and the fridge got it all pretty well sorted and worked out tomorrow I’m gonna get some food picked up to stock it all given we got jack all in either of them hung out with some friends in VR as well and kinda dozed off woke up and futzed around on my PC trying to get some minor stuff done if had on the back burner and now I’m ending the night wrapped up and cozy with my cat on me

I seem to find alot more peace at late hours in the night it’s where I feel the most at ease my depression can show up and I can sit with it it dosent try to take over we sit in the glow of my monitors and light strip and exist one not fighting the other for control not arguing on what we should do we just exist and seem to have civil debates over what we need to do next both giving points and counter points to what next step in life I need to take and what might be the best course idk night time just seems to be the best time for my brain


It sounds like you’ve been pretty active lately and you have some nice things to do as well. It’s good to hear how you manage to find some peace despite the stress and struggles at home. Yes, night time can feel incredibly soothing. The world is asleep, we know that there is no expectation left for the day, no “to-do’s” to accomplish. We can just be with ourselves, with our thoughts, and let it be. I resonate a lot with the way you describe it, and bet many people who have experienced depression can echo with you. There is some relief to find in acceptance – not resignation or hopelessness, but simply putting away the pressure of having to wear a mask most of the time.

May you keep enjoying the good and cozy times. :hrtlegolove:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Your day sounded great, its so good to have a sort out isnt it, I often find that sorting out home makes your head feel less cluttered too. Its so nice to read about you also spending time with friends and snuggling with your pussy cat, I hope days like this continue for you and that life also contiue to improve as you deserve it. take special care. Much Love Lisa. x

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Hi Friend, sounds like you had a very productive day. It feels good to get things done and be able to hang out with friends and just be in peace. Even though our depression is there, just being able to “sit” with it is quite good in my opinion. Not letting it consume you is awesome. You matter! ~Mystrose

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From: Mamadien

Derpplup, It sounds like you have been busy in a really good way. It sounds like you had a day where you were able to balance the need for doing things around home and taking care of responsibilities with your need for you time and to do things that you enjoy and can care for yourself. I like how you described sitting with your depression in the late hours and not fighting with it but learning from and working with it. Thank you for posting this, it is encouraging to know that it’s possible to have those quiet moments without having depression take over.

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