Having a bad day

so like idk i’ve just been down all day. i feel like my parents are mad at me right now but i didn’t do anything. it’s more anxiety than anything. i try to talk to my therapist but she just plays uno with me. which kinda really doesn’t work. i feel like this is a place where i can come, semi anonymously because i didn’t use my real name, where i can talk about my problems and actually have people to help me instead of having to face others and talk about it irl.

First of all, thank you for posting, this community can be a great tool, you’re right.

Have you tried communicating with your therapist? I also have had a therapist before who didn’t really help me, and when I communicated that it was a lot easier, or is it an option to find another therapist?

Hi @carmen.p,

Thank you for sharing this with us. :heart:

You can always talk about everything you want here. It’s a safe place and no one will ever judge you. Indeed, it can be hard to talk about our struggles IRL, in front of other people but you’re also in a therapy, which is really positive.

So, about your therapist, I don’t know for how long you’ve been talking to her, but it can take some time to: 1/ create a positive relationship, for both of you, and 2/ find the therapist/therapy you need, depending on your struggles. If you think that what this person is trying to do with you isn’t helpful, as you said playing uno, you can try to talk about it with her. It’s a relationship that should be based on reciprocity, and maybe she need you to help her to know how she could be more helpful and adapt herself to you. Also, if you feel the need to try with another therapist, maybe it will be something to consider.

Also, for anxiety, I know how much it can be crippling on a daily basis. We all have anxiety, it’s a natural feeling, but it can become too intense, too often and disabling for some of us. But luckily, we can really work on it and learn to live with it. You can do it. :wink:

Sending much love your way. :heart: