Having to ground myself from a PTSD episode


Something was just posted in the HS Discord by some trolls that honestly was triggering for me.

Long story, short. My birth father ruined my families life by doing Child Porn, and it’s to the point that me and my mom have PTSD because of it, where we will be getting a restraining order against him.

And honestly what the trolls posted was kind of triggering to me. It feels like I am reliving what he did and all the pain that he has brought upon our lifes.ng method.

I just felt like I should just get it out as it is a coping method.

Thanks for listening.


Hey Darian,

Good for you to use writing as a way to get things off your chest. I hope it helps you navigate those emotions.

You are safe right now.

Deep breaths. :sunflower:

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Thanks so much Micro.

Yeah, I felt it was needed a ton to just write it out as a coping method

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