Heard this yesterday for the first time while driv

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Heard this yesterday for the first time while driving. Had got news that a friend had passed hours before. Ironically I was doing the tough guy thing and trying to suppress emotions. The universe had other ideas apparently. :joy:

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I am very sorry for the loss of your friend, I beg to differ though, I actually think you ended up doing the tough guy thing! :wink: Sendin g love to you in your time of grief. Lisa x

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@HeartSupport - Mental Health Community I appreciate the kind words. As I’ve grown older and gained some emotional intelligence, I’ve learned the importance of processing and allowing myself to feel emotions especially grief. Albeit usually in a private setting, however I find it much easier and less painful than suppression. I wish it was more well known how damaging subduing emotion can be to your overall attitude and mental well being.
Thanks to you all, for doing what you do. Your content was an unexpected find, which turned out to be not only entertaining but helpful!

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Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you. There is such release and healing to experience through the act of allowing ourselves to feel what needs to be felt. Suppressing is a normal act of survival and avoidance - no one enjoys feeling their heartache and internal turmoil. And under some specific circumstances or social settings, it serves us well. But to make it our go-to, a habit to use when difficult emotions arise, adds so much more pain on top of the one that is already present. It puts constant pressure on our body and so much loneliness within our heart - as no matter how hard we try to push them away, emotions are there as long as they are not fully processed.

I’m so very sorry for your loss of your friend - it’s devastating to lose someone you are close with. It leaves you with all this affection that requires now to be carried for two. My heart goes out to you. I hope you keep letting your emotions out just as you need. That you’ll allow yourself to feel it all, without any judgment, especially as grief tends to come in unexpected waves. You have learned yourself how important this is and that is such a huge strength that you have. Over time you have learned to be a safe and caring presence to yourself, and the fact that you couldn’t suppress these emotions anymore shows how much you know now internally that it is safe to feel whatever comes.

Grief is - dramatically - such a powerful catalyst in so many ways. To me personally, it has been this force that has given me some huge reality check and pushed me to stop trying to toughen everything up. At some point, we’ve pushed ourselves so much into one direction that we reach the very bottom of it. No other choice but to try differently.

Hoping for this season ahead to go as smoothly as possible for you. May you keep giving yourself as much care and patience as possible. Sending hugs your way. <3