Heart Support at Local Shows

I go to many local shows in my town. Does anyone ever do anything to “spread the word” about Heart Support at shows in their town? I just am at shows and think it’d be cool to get the word out about Heart Support, in case it could be a resource to other metal music and rock lovers in my area. :slight_smile: Does Heart Support offer resources to do such a thing? This is just an idea. Wondering if anyone has ever done it.

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We haven’t YET activated this, but it’s actually something we have plans to work on this year. Our hope is to connect more HeartSupporters to other HeartSupporters at shows. If you want to message Taylor, our intern, who’s going to be running that project, email [email protected] :slight_smile:


I know Dan and Casey have made a flyer you could print off copies and hand them out to other concert attendees; I believe it is in the Discord somewhere.