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Heart Support @Warped Tour 2018 Chicago/Tinley Park

Please help me find this person.
In 2018, I was 17 and went to warped tour for the second time. I was at the Chicago/Tinley Park date that year with boyfriend at the time.
Heart support came and set up a support wall. Seven people wrote their stories and you had the chance to say something encouraging on the boards underneath.
I met a girl there that day. She wrote about her childhood and school struggles and said she was grown and still struggled everyday feeling depressed and wanting to end her life. I responded to her board about my own struggles. Afterwards, I felt a tap on my shoulder and she told me I had responded to her board while she watched and tried to read as I was writing. She was such a sweet person, she told me that the world loved me and I had reason to continue. We cried, exchanged hugs, and she gave me her snap but when I went to find her Snapchat later on it hadn’t fully added her because my phone had poor signal. If by any chance this was you and you’re here reading this, please contact me again! :purple_heart: