Heartsupport dealing with it every day single inco

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heartsupport dealing with it every day :woozy_face: single income in the worst economy, trying to support my wife and two kids by working all the time. Love Daniel and Phinehas! :metal:t3:

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David Johnson Ugh this is so hard. It makes sense that you would be feeling anxious when it sounds like a lot of stressors and pressures are piling up. It has to feel like trying to carry a boulder to a finish line that seems so far away. You just want to be able to be able to support your family and it feels like the only way is to keep working working working, which doesn’t give your brain or body the space to rest and reset, so it’s just a constant loop of “what should I be doing right now”, “what work do I do next”. I feel this and my hope for you friend is that you can find space even small pockets to refill your cup. Rest is more productive than it seems <3

Yes, money-related anxiety is so consuming. You want to provide, feel reliable, and do your best to contribute to your family’s life, but at the same time you keep facing the same walls again and again. We definitely live in a time when making a living is a real challenge - so much more than it used to be. It makes completely sense to feel like having a hard time with that. Waking up to the same dreading reality is exhausting. You just want to feel settled and at peace, not to feel like constantly falling behind - or at risk to. I’ve personally felt that way for most of my life, and years I was on disability were the worst on that matter. Your mind is constantly focused on the next step, on what you can do/what you can’t do… Even when you’re trying to just have a good time with your loved ones, it’s hard to disconnect the worries and thoughts pertaining to financial stability. It’s like having this constant shadow behind you - even if you want to look away sometimes, you keep feeling its presence over and over.

Just like Taylor said, I hope that in the midst of this situation, you manage to find time to genuinely rest - both physically and in your mind. Sometimes worrying about something all the time gives this sensation that we can control it - it serves a purpose and it’s reassuring somehow. But it costs so much of our personal energy in the long run. And one thing is sure: pushing the question of personal income aside, your health and your well being matter most, and taking care of yourself in the midst of stressors definitely has a positive impact on the people you love too. To me, this was a way to reconnect with my partner when I felt overwhelmed by my lack of financial contribution/stability before. Not only the practical reality was tough, but on top of it my anxiety was isolating me from him, creating distance that neither of us wanted. While these struggles are to be carried together, I definitely felt like it was my responsibility to solve this on my own - and to feel the struggle of it all.

I hope that things will look up for you and your family in the near future. You are without a doubt an amazing, caring partner and parent. I believe in you.