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I feel very isolated and depressed. My life is entirely on autopilot. I need weed to get through the day.

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“You are not alone” is so hard to actually take in the way its supposed to be taken in when you feel alone. But it is so true.

I completely understand being on autopilot. Its a terrible feeling. Just know even if life seems out of control or on autopilot, youre never alone.

Everyone is special and has specific, unique problems that are relevant only to their own situation, but that doesnt mean youre isolated on your own.

Clarity will come. I wish you the best


No one should go through stuff… Its hard indeed… My socials are

Insta: @.Septi. (theres two underscorses on each side)
Twitter: Septi (two underscores on each side)
Discord: .Septi.#1618(two underscores before & after periods)

knowing that is a great thing! You are aware of the fact that something is not 100% right. My suggestion is finding something, either one thing or a handful of things that help cheer you up, and throw yourself into them. If that is music, art, writing, exercise, games etc. That and finding a community where you feel at home, it doesn’t matter if that community is online or in person, there are people who you will fit with :slight_smile:

My discord is MezzaGirl#2535