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I just graduated with my MS in civil engineering and started my first job as an engineer. I feel like I am not smart enough and compare myself to coworkers


Everyone will always look better to you, especially at first, that’s cause they are… they’ve been working there longer. (even if by a day.) You’re new, you’re not expected to know too much, but you’ll be expected to learn a lot.
There will be smarter and better civil engineers, that is almost inescapable, but you’re in a field with endless possibilities, and if you’re smart, you’ll figure out who knows what they’re doing, who is the most respected by his or her piers, and you’ll try your best to learn everything him or her can teach you. Be humble, ask questions, and do your best. Which is ALL any of us can ever do. Be kind too, working well with others goes a long way. Don’t screw around like everyone else. You’ll be great. Peace

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Hi HeartSupport Fan #69, the HeartSupport Houston team responded to your post here - we hope it helps you, and hold fast friend.


Hey friend,

Congrats for your graduation and your first job! Really. That’s a huge accomplishment and something you can proud of.

I hear you though. It’s hard not to compare ourselves, especially when we’re the new employee at the workplace. It feels like everyone understand and handle everything while you’re trying to assimilate a lot of new informations and use them wisely. It’s stressful. It’s a learning process. Just like when we use a bicycle for the first time. At first we need small wheels, and eventually a parent or loved one to hold our bicycle. Then we do it by ourselves and we get rid of the small wheels.

Give yourself some credit for learning, friend. Yes you are expected to have skills, but not to master everything the moment you start a job. Everyone knows how it is at the beginning and that we all need a bit of time to adjust. It’s okay. That doesn’t mean you are less than your coworkers. Only that your paths have different timelines. They were in your position in the past! And now they can help you learn if you ask them the questions you need. That’s just how it works.

You got this, friend. :hrtlovefist:

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