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I don’t feel people genuinely care about how I am. My family is distant. I don’t feel support from anyone, but I’m probably just selfish


Hey friend,

You are not selfish for having the need to feel heard and cared for. We all need others and to feel validated, especially when we’re feeling highly vulnerable. Right now I see you, friend. I hear you. And even if we have yet to know each other, I care about you.

I’m sorry that your family is distant. It’s hard when the people in our life make us feel invisible or just not important. Sometimes people are very busy or focused on their own struggles and they don’t realize that, right next to them, someone wish they could offer them a bit of their time to listen. They probably don’t do it on purpose, and maybe they’ll need your help to let them know how you are. I had times in my life when I was waiting for others to notice me, to notice my pain. I thought it should be obvious to others as what I was feeling was like a storm inside of me. Yet on the outside I never let it possible to be guessed. With time, I’ve realized that people don’t always ask “how are you?” spontaneously, and they need us to help them help us. In other words, it’s okay to reach out first, and initiate a conversation. Sometimes it starts with something as simple as: “I feel alone these days, could we spend some time together?”. You own a part of the keys that are needed to create this connection with your loved ones, even if it may feel a bit scary at first.

Know that in any case, your voice is heard right here and right now. I’d love to know how you are doing these days, if you’re willing to share a little more about you. And if you need any help, please let us know how this community can support and encourage you, as much as possible. You’re not invisible, friend. You matter. :hrtlegolove:


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