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My best friend and I grew apart, not for any bad reasons, just because our lives we’re going in separate ways. I have tried to be apart of my church youth group but they in have said in some more or less words too that they would not like to have me be apart of their group. I have tried to be apart of people my own age, but they just don’t want to hang out with me and I don’t know how to fix this.


Heya! I’m sorry you have to deal with this, friends do come and go, but the one thing that never leaves is yourself. I’ve always had trouble getting along with people my age as well, I do better with people much older than me, but there’s nothing wrong with that, it means you’re more mature and you can handle stuff better. Also, people who tend to ostracize others tend to do it out of ignorance. Don’t take it personally, there’s nothing you need to “fix”, it just means they aren’t worth your time. It may be lonely being by yourself, but remmeber, you have yourself. The most brave way to live is knowing you’re important in your own life, and being aware of your self worth. Take some of that time to focus on yourself, get to know yourself. Friends aren’t required in life 24/7. You can be your own friend.
Stay well! <3

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Hey friend, thank you so much for reaching out here. We all need a place where we feel like we belong, right? It truly sucks to feel like we can’t be part of any group in which we could feel like we “fit”. I can imagine that what you describe would make you wonder if it’s a “you” problem, so I really wanted to reassure you, just in case: there is nothing to “fix” there, and you’re not at fault. For many of us, it takes time to find the right people, the ones that would feel like home to us. When groups are already formed and people have their own habits, they’re also less likely to welcome someone new - which truly sucks in my opinion, and is unfair. But really what happened with this church group for example was on them, not you. It displays something about their own character - and I wonder what kind of values they have in mind while being part of this group too! And for your best friend, as you said it’s not for bad reasons. Unfortunately, life often separate people who grew up together, as we tend to be more busy, focused on different things, live in new places, etc.

I encourage you to not let yourself discouraged by those experiences, friend. It may feel like some kind of rejection, but you belong, and you will find the people who will truly see how beautiful and awesome you are. It may need a little bit of time, to open new doors as well, but it will be worth it. If you have some hobbies, maybe this could be a way to meet new people, whether it’s physically or virtually. Sharing a common interest for something can help to create meaningful connections with others.

In any case, you are not alone, friend. If anything, you have a family right here in this community, and we care about you genuinely. You are loved dearly. And you’re beautiful right as you are. Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:

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If they are treating you in that way then it shows what their fruits are. By the fruits you will know who they are. I’m sorry your going through this bad experience I went through something similar myself years ago when I was a teen. I wish you the best.

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