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I just wish I could be normal by God’s standards so I could receive His blessings. I just wish I knew specifically what to do


I think we all think feel that way at times, specially when don’t live to our standards. Personal I’m not religious, however I do we not meant to be perfect. Even the best of people have done thing they wish they could take back.

Hopefully this right link, but I do one lecture from Alan watts will help you out with this. Definitely help me out at time when I do feel my best.

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is there something in particular that you are struggling with at present? Anything you would like to vent or share to ease the burden on yourself? We’re here to listen.

I just struggle with being a constant failure

nothing in life is constant though. Do you think you’re falling short of some kind of standard? Have people been judging you?

I’m a failure by God’s standards

well, i’m sure there’s many ways to interpret those standards.
If you’d like to share how we can support you through this, we’d love to!

I just want to know how I can be normal by His standards without a hitch

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Hey friend, thought about asking the following question on this topic of yours as well: would you mind sharing what are His standards, in your perspective? What are the characteristics you feel like you’re supposed to reach/be in this life? I would love to hear your point of view about this, and what is truly meaningful to you.

For starters I’m not supposed to be so sinful. I’m supposed to be better than what I currently am

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Thank you for your response. That really makes sense and helps to have a better understanding. May I ask what are the sinful things you struggle with in your life? It’s okay if you don’t want to share. Just know lots of people here are willing to encourage you towards growth and healing. I hear how torn you feel about yourself. You deserve some peace of mind. :hrtlegolove:

Do you feel you are leading a life that would be considered worse than anyone else? Do you feel like when you make mistakes that decreases your value somehow or that there would be a sort of system to earn love and value?
Everyone has their own thoughts, feelings and responses. Sometimes we may accidentally react a certain way or say something we regret, but there’s not a soul who doesn’t.
So if every single person makes mistakes and has regrets does that mean we all have no value and aren’t worth forgiveness and love?
I think you’ve really held yourself up to what seems an impossible standard, you’d be robotic and not uniquely you.

If there is something in particular that plays on you and you feel guilty about then you deserve the support to help you through that too! You are more than welcome to share it, as micro stated, if you are comfortable.

If it’s just a general feeling of you think you haven’t lived up to too expectations, then I would love to see you show yourself some more grace and kindness.

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It has to do with lust

So, I personally don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, but I know everyone has different boundaries and thoughts on the matter.
You’re not a sinful or bad person.
So maybe you can try a few things to help make you struggle less.
Do you have triggers? Is there something that sets off your thoughts and feelings about this?
If there aren’t necessarily that’s okay too.
How would making a list of reasons you want to resist sound? And I don’t mean like “because it’s sinful and I’m horrible if I do xyz”, for an example - “self discipline is important to my faith”. Or “I want to keep intimacy sacred to share with my spouse”.
That way you can feel like you have an important goal in mind and it starts taking you away from negative self talk.
And if you do slip up, then that’s okay! You’re not alone at all. As I read once you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.
Habits and breaking habits take a little time and nobody would ever expect you to be perfect all your life in everything you do.

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Problem is there’s not Christian for me

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Hey friend, I would encourage you to check out GodSquadChurch. They are close to HeartSupport and could definitely be a good resource for you, with the possibility to have some in-depth conversation about the religious aspect of your struggle. These people are completely safe, caring, and willing to listen. It makes it easier to have the possibility to connect online too. Here are the links to their website and Twitch channel:

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