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It’s so easy to look at someone’s mask and think because they’re ok I have to be too. Hearing this from someone I truly look up to and inspires me means a lot. Thank you for sharing this. Because too long I’ve struggled, and even struggled with struggling, and honestly maybe therapy can help. :black_heart:


You’re absolutely right: the way we wear our social masks can really hide a lot of emotions, experiences and pain that others wouldn’t even imagine we’re carrying. I’m glad there is this opportunity today for all of us to get rid of our masks as it’s just not necessary to carry them all the time. It’s okay to be vulnerable, to say “I’m struggling”, and even more to ask for help. I hope that in the midst of difficult times for you, you never lose sight of how much strength there is in this vulnerability of yours, and how much potential there is for growth. If you would like to share about your struggles, Heartsupport will always be a safe place to do so. You’re not alone. <3

@micro.mtn thank you :heart: I appreciate @heartsupport breaking the barrier of the stigma mental health has. And the stigma surrounding asking for help.

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