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I definitely need to be reminded of this. I’m doing work as a content moderator and these past few days have been very rough in regards to graphic/disturbing content. The point of the job is to keep people safe on the platform, which I’m happy to do, but seeing a bunch of back-to-back gore and shocking images really got to me this time. I tend to have a hard time reaching out for help because I don’t want to seem like a burden, or made to feel like what I go through isn’t significant because there are people who are going through worse. Thank you for sharing. :black_heart:


@rachelchristine097 hey friend, you are NOT a burden at all for reaching out and asking for help, ever! There is no comparison or any different levels in people’s struggles, and no one is more worthy of help than anyone else. Please do reach out for help if you need it, especially with seeing disturbing images to keep others safe. You’re worthy of getting help and support.

@kayleighhh._xo Thank you, I appreciate that. :heart:

Oh friend, my heart goes out to you. My personal experience in terms of content moderation is very small compared to you, but I will never forget the disturbing images and messages I have seen over time. I’m also how aware how incredibly hard this work is on some well-known platforms, and how much it is left unseen. The work you are doing is so important and most people may not be aware of it, but really thank you for what you’ve been doing. I hear you on the matter of not wanting to be a burden to others, but you will never be a burden for struggling. You are a human being and you have legitimate needs, emotions that need to be addressed and processed. You are in a role of caregiving – even indirectly – and that alone can be very exhausting. You are exposed to content that also has potential to be traumatic. From the bottom of my heart, I want to encourage you to never give up on sharing how you feel and reaching out. It is your right to do so, and it is, in itself, a beautiful act of care to yourself. You matter. Your needs matter. If you ever need a safe space to vent and share what’s on your heart, the Heartsupport anonymous forum will always be there, and you will only be met with love and care. You are not alone. <3

From: Schlemnoween

That must be difficult, although it is great that you are keeping other people safe. But sometimes it is also important to take a steop back and take care of your own well-being. Try to give your mind some rest and distract yourself from those pictures. You are not a burden, and it does not matter whether other people have it worse, because it is not a competition. Everybody who is struggling deserves attention and help. Stay strong! <:LegoLove:387371584857571328>

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From: ManekiNeko

when we start to compare our struggles it can be a huge silencer. I’ve felt those sentiments that whatever I’m feeling and going through isn’t enough for others to need to hear. You are never a burden for the things that affect you. Seeing triggering images can create a huge stressor. Your feelings are valid! It’s okay to voice when you need to take a break for yourself and for your mental health

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Content moderation is such an important and noble work, but at the same time it can be heavily traumatic. I’m so very sorry that you’ve been subjected to things that were particularly graphic and disturbing. You are in the front lines to ensure the safety of many people, but at the same time it means that you are exposed to the very worst of humanity. It is completely understandable that doing this really takes a toll on you at times. There are things we can feel like handling, but we can never know really what is going to be traumatic to us. It makes sense to have been feeling like these images may be stucl in your mind since you saw them, and if you’ve been more stressed/anxious/feeling on edge lately, that is a normal/human reaction.

What you are going through is absolutely significant, regardless of what others may be going through on their own path. Processing graphic content can lead to developing PTSD in the long run, which is so very important to take in account. It makes sense though to feel reluctant to reach out about your struggles in the first place. The risk of being ignored, misunderstood or invalidated is frightening. When you share things that are so personal, that connects to your own sense of vulnerability, you naturally expect for the person listening to you to really sit down and hear what you have to say, without any judgment.

Regardless of how someone would react though, you have the absolute right to reach out and share how you feel, because our emotional world can’t be up to debate. If someone disagrees, it shows that they are not the right person to listen to you at the time, but it will never be the reflection of you being a burden. You are never wrong for opening up - just like you did here. The challenge relies on finding the right person to hear us and at the wrong time. Not everyone is willing to listen, and not everyone has the ability to fully understand the things we would be trying to convey. But, thankfully, there’s also many people out there who can listen, love and care unconditionally. Sometimes it’s going to be a professional, especially if we want to separate our inner circle and our struggles, but it can also be someone we are very close to, and who embodies what unconditional love means.

I hope that, through all of this, you will allow yourself to reach out, at your own pace. It is absolutely okay to share your voice and express how you feel, relate the things you’ve been through. The work you are doing especially can be really heavy, and there is no shame or guilt for saying it. You are a human being, and at times we need each other to process what we’re going through, to remind us that we’re not alone, that there is hope in the midst of our struggles.

If you don’t have any space or person to talk to in your life, please know you can always use heartsupport’s anonymous forum @ forum.heartsupport.com. There is a safe community there made of people who care for each other, and it is always okay to use that space if/when you need it. You will never be a burden because you feel. I’m proud of you already for expressing all of this right here in this comment. If it was challenging or even just a tiny bit scary, then it was also a very strong step to take on your end. :orange_heart:

Hey there!

I want to acknowledge the incredibly important work you do as a content moderator. It’s a tough role that often goes unnoticed, but it plays a critical part in keeping online spaces safe for everyone. It’s perfectly okay to feel the impact of the disturbing content you come across; it shows your empathy and compassion.

Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not a burden. Your feelings are valid, and what you go through is significant, even if others are dealing with different challenges. Each person’s experiences are unique, and comparing them can be counterproductive.

If you’re finding the work particularly rough these days, consider talking to a supportive friend, family member, or even a professional counselor. They can offer a listening ear and strategies to help you cope with the emotional toll. Self-care is crucial, too; make sure to take breaks, engage in activities that bring you joy, and practice mindfulness techniques to help process what you see without carrying it all with you.

You’re not alone in your feelings, and there is a community of people who understand what you’re going through. Your dedication to keeping others safe is commendable, but don’t forget to prioritize your own well-being as well. You matter, and your mental and emotional health deserve care and attention. :star2::hugs:

Sending lots of strength your way! :green_heart: