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fucking needed this majorly, these past few weeks having been after my ass-i’m so stressed out from school and on top of that i’m anxious that my parents will find out i’m trans but thanks for this Ricky much love :heart_hands::black_heart::black_heart:


@dis4st3rp1ece hey! That’s a tough situation that you’re in for sure! Sorry to hear that. School is stressing me out a lot lately too honestly. I’m trying to find balance and find ways to not let the pressure of school overwelm me. I’ve been trying to somehow study more so I stress less from tests and assignments. It’s ok that you made that choice of course to be trans and I hope your parents understand and encourage you! :black_heart:

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It sounds like life hasn’t been very gentle with you lately. I can only imagine all the stress that you must feel these days. Thank you for sharing, really. It is healthy to talk about what affects you and to not let it boil inside silently. I hope you make sure to take some breaks when you’re not at school, to do things you like and take your mind off anything that would be related to school. Just so you can breathe, do things you like and relax. As for the fear that your parents could find out that you are trans, I truly hope that if they do then they will welcome this news with only a huge amount of love. There’s so much stigma and lack of comprehension when it comes to our gender and/or sexual identity. Through all of it, you ARE perfect and beautiful just as you are. Everything else will belong to others perceptions, others reactions – it will be a reflection of their mind and heart, but not of your value, not of your worth and not of your beauty. Be kind to yourself in times to come, make sure to take some breaks to breathe a little bit everyday. Time invested in yourself, in your well-being, is never wasted. On the contrary, it is during times like these that we need self-care the most, and that is okay. Hold Fast, friend. You’re loved.


@dis4st3rp1ece so hard to be in a place where everywhere you look in your life is stress and hardship - that you feel you are being chased by this constant risk of failure. You’re always one wrong step away from having all of your cards come crashing down. It’s like having the big bad wolf always looming around the corner of your straw house. That kind of paranoia is exhausting. Which makes “performing”, getting through the hard stuff in life, that much more strenuous.

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