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From enchanted_ladybug_bri: @matmadiro just curious… Do u not have a significant other bc u feel like they may not accept your lifestyle? I mean ur so sweet and cute I know there are endless amounts of opportunities out there. U never know what one may tolerate. It’s a whole new world and I think most understand that there are so many variables if they truly love you then they will be open and understanding of your life. Does it scare u to put your heart out there? Don’t let fear consume and control u. I do totally understand the crushing weight of loneliness. It’s very hard for sure. Sometimes I feel like I’m destined to be lonely. And I have pets and a relationship. :woman_facepalming: But my significant other works 12 hours at a time and pets as much as they are companions are not comparable to a human connection. thank goodness for the internet, it does at least provide some interaction. Always know that someone is there to reach out to on here tho! Ur fans love u so much, maybe finding that special connection is not very far away. It may be right in front of u! :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Hey friend. You are SO right about online relationships. As a very anxious person, it has been life saving to me to have the possibilities to connect with people online, people I now call friends and chosen family. Between remote work and personal struggles, it’s been hard to create and maintain “irl” relationships. I’m glad that positive connections is also something you’ve been experiencing. Even when we are with people that we dearly love in our life, loneliness can hit us without saying its name. Please know as well that if you ever need some safe space to talk, simply share life with others or if you are in need of connection, you will always be welcomed in this online fam’ that is Heartsupport. Loneliness is, thankfully, not a fatality, as you describe so very well. You too are loved and cared for. <3

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@micro.mtn that is a very kind suggestion. Im sure I will one day reach out! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


hi friend, internet can be an enourmous help, but also a dark place to be. there are so good people out
there who help, who go trough so much and still help others. i think no one is destined to be lonely,
humans are made for each other, you just need to find the right one. spend time with your loved ones,
enjoy it as much as you can, you deserve this. be happy because you matter. we are here if you
need someone, anytime.

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I’m sorry that your partner is away at work for so long, I can see why you feel alone. I hope you can talk to your partner about how you feel and they can comfort you and help you feel better. Maybe you can meet your partner at work for lunch here and there or have something fun planned when they get home from work or on days off. Thank you for sharing and if you ever need support, Heart Support is here for you. ~Mystrose

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for sharing both a little of your story and some words of kindness to others, it is hard when your partner works long hours to not feel that solitude even with pets, have you considered getting out into the community and searching for a place that you could meet other people and perhaps do some community projects? if you are into that sort of thing? if you dont like going out we have twich and discord at heartsupport where you can make friends and communicate with people and indeed make friends. Also have a chat with your husband about making more time for jsut the two of you. I wish you well. Much Love lisa x