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From july_motionless: Two weeks ago I broke up with my boyfriend… we were in a relationship for half a year… I was happy and I thought I was making him happy… one day I went out as usual at 5pm to my dance rehearsals, We had been talking that afternoon as usual so nothing strange happened… at night I came back and the first thing I did was check my cell phone in case I had messages from him… I had finished I can’t express how I felt at that moment, the next day I saw him happy as usual, but I don’t know anymore.Three days after finishing, one of my best friends told me that she and my ex-boyfriend were dating.And in fact I have seen them kiss and hug in front of me… that has led me to wonder if that half a year we were together meant something to him @rickyxolson @chrismotionless @motionlessinwhite Despite having eternally dedicated yours to my ex, that and other songs are still with me right now and they are helping me to continue


Hi Friend, I am so sorry that this happened to you. Its hard enough for a relationship to end but to have it end so suddenly and then to find out that he is now dating your friend makes it all so much harder for you. I am sure the feelings he had for you when you were together were genuine as he had no reason to stay with you if they were not however dating your friend a few days later is thoughtless and cruel both on his side and your “friend” You deserve a better boyfriend and friend. I hope you are talking to family and other friends and being suppoerted by them as you go through this, you can also find as much support as you need here. You will recover from this and you can and will do better and wish you well. Much Love Lisalovesfeathers. x