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When I was 12-13I realized I’m not ok and I really was starting to stugle with my mental heath for the first time and it’s happening again of not being able to get out of bed and having no motivation because of the things that I lived through when I was younger and still not understanding most of what was going on but music has saved me more than once and even tho nothing bad has happened recently I still feel like shit but I have a hard time asking for help because I also feel like I’m fine because nothing bad is happening even tho I’m struggling and idk why. Having people like Ricky and vinny definitely make life worth living.


Thank you for being so open and sharing what you’re going through. Sometimes we feel like we have to have a cause to why we feel the way we do. It’s okay to just have days where you don’t feel okay just because… there’s so much stigma about having reasons for mental health struggles, but it’s not your fault. Sometimes the why comes much later as we learn how to open up and talk about how we are feeling. You are worthy and you are loved

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Hey friend. Thank you so much for opening up today about how you’ve been feeling lately. I’m sorry that things have been rough lately and you don’t find any motivation in anything. Throughout my life I have been more or less depressed and often felt like something was wrong deep inside, without necessarily being able to identify a specific reason. There were times when my life was quite fine and it was even more frustrating to feel like my mind was “creating” these struggles out of nowhere. Something that took me a long time to understand though, was how some things I’ve been through when I was little actually kept affecting me, even as a young adult/an adult. It sounds to me that you had some adverse experiences during your childhood, things that maybe are difficult to understand, to name, or even to remember completely – which is okay. It sounds that you also identify this as being clearly a root cause behind how you are feeling these days, which makes completely sense. Sometimes, there are things in our stories that we didn’t take the time to process, to name, to understand, so it stays in our mind and body like a silent song, something that we can hear from a distance but not necessarily see all the time. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to encourage you to share a little bit about these things that you’ve been through when you were younger – even if it doesn’t make sense to you at first. Of course, this is an invitation, not an obligation, so please don’t feel any pressure on my end. Just know that you are safe with us here, you are not alone and you will never be judged for anything. How you feel makes sense and is valid. Sometimes, not knowing “why” we feel a certain way is a way for our mind to invite us to open a door, and initiate some healing that we need to engage ourselves in. No matter what, I’m proud of you for reaching out today. You are not crazy, you are not weird. It’s okay to struggle, and it’s okay to not clearly understand why. That will never invalidate your feelings. <3


thank you for sharing and opening up. you made a big step with posting your struggles. just because
nothing is happening right now does not mean that you have to be ok. ask for help is a another good
step in the right direction. music is also a great help in times like this, for me also. your life is worth living
my friend, because you matter. be proud of yourself, we are here for you, anytime.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for sharing a bit about your story, I am sorry that you are beginning to struggle again with your mental health, its so hard to find that motivation when you are trying to fight off feeling not ok. I hope that you have friends or family that can help you at this time, please feel free anytime to post on our heartsupport wall if you want to talk about anything, you will always get encouragement and support there without fail. I am happy that you have found joy through Ricky and Vinny, hold on to that, its important… You are a very special human being and you deserve to find peace. We are here for you friend. Much Love Lisa. x


From: Mamadien

Thank you for sharing your story and your struggles with mental health with all of us. It sounds like you have been through something very painful in the past and that it’s affecting you still in the present. Even though you say nothing is happening now doesn’t mean that it makes what happened okay. I know it’s not always easy but when you feel like you may be ready, perhaps having a counselor or therapist to talk to may help. And please know that you can always come to the Heart Support community to post on our anonymous wall and we’ll be here to walk with you through whatever it is that is hurting. Know that you matter.



I’m sorry you’re struggling with your mental health, but I’m glad that you recognize something is not right. Are there people in your life you trust that you could talk to? It’s really great that music has saved you more than once, it’s helped me too. I know it’s hard to ask for help, posting here is a good first step and it’s great that you were able to. You matter! ~Mystrose