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For the first time this year I was able to afford therapy as an adult. I’m pretty stubborn, and it was hard to think that my issues were something worth talking about when others struggle so much more. But I went anyways. It’s really refreshing to see this new generation of all genders say it’s okay to get help. Wishing the best to you, Ricky.


Hi friend, problems are problems, even when they are small compared to other struggles, they are there.
realizing for someone to need help, is the first step and the most hard one. you did it, be proud of yourself.
thank you for sharing this, have a nice day.


Well done for taking this strong, powerful, important step! It is indeed very refreshing and inspiring to hear that it’s okay to ask for help and seeing others stories about it. There is a type of cultural shame often associated to the need for help that we need to break down, bits by bits, as it really shouldn’t be in the way of anyone’s life. Struggling is part of being human, and relying on one another is one of the most beautiful strength we can have, collectively. I’m so glad you didn’t let these thoughts about your struggles push you away from getting help. I have myself lost more than a decade because of that kind of thought – believing that I could do things on my own, that it was safer that way, that I was unworthy of help. It makes such a big difference once we allow trusted people in our life in order to help us, to listen to us and be patient with us – more than we would with ourselves sometimes. I really wish you the best in this new journey, on this new path. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right therapist and it takes a certain amount of trial and error, but through it all it is worth it to persevere, because your peace is worth it. You are worth it. Always. :heart:

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Love the courage that you have to say - I hear that voice in my head telling me that I don’t deserve to get help because others “have it worse”, but I’m not going to live my life being told my pain is unworthy…I love that you fought back and are taking strides to care for yourself and pave a path towards healing and growth. Well done!

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