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I came to this video because I’ve been watching many metal reviews here on YT. I love A7X and this is my current most favorite song by them.

It’s nice to come to a channel with a playlist of music review that adds a mental health focus. Great idea! My health has been less than ideal lately, so just for this comment to be read, let alone replied to, helps me feel seen. :heart:

Thanks for your time, and great video! I’ll take Taylor’s advice about loneliness, for sure. @heartsupport


Yeah - it’s hard when your mental health is lower than you’d want, or need, or hope for. It weighs everything else down. Honestly I notice that when my mental health is bad, it brings a kind of “tunnel vision” filter over my life. I stop noticing the things I love or enjoy. I only see the things I want to change, that I don’t like, that I wish I had but I don’t, etc. It makes me feel miserable. And sometimes even when I see that I’m in that kind of “gear”, I feel stuck, like I can’t shift out of it. And the mindset only makes the feelings worse, lol. It’s a negative spiral. I’m sorry you’re in that spot - it’s really hard when you’re there to feel hope that things will get better / that you’ll get out of it. I actually have a friend who I admire for this. When he hits a spot of depression, he’s been there so many times before, he tells himself, “I know this will end. It’ll be here for a couple of days, and then I’ll bounce back.” There’s something about that that makes him not feel as “panicked” or ashamed while he’s in the middle of it. Another mentor of mine talks about how we’re all “seasonal”. And that some seasons we’re like a field that’s “fallow” - or basically, after the crops have been harvested and before they get prepped for the next season. They’re dormant. And sometimes life can feel like that. Naming it as “seasonal” for me has been hugely helpful. I’m just now re-emerging out of a “fallow” season myself, and most of the time I berate myself when I’m there, but having that mindset of - this will end, this is a season - has helped me lessen the shame I experience and just be patient with myself as it passes. Hope things take an upswing for you, and I appreciate you sharing.