Heartsupport hello there idk i have been feeling s

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@heartsupport hello there. idk…i have been feeling so lifeless and nothing motivates me anymore and i can’t even get up to write my book without crying…

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Thank you for sharing and for being here. Feeling so unmotivated and lifeless is sounds incredibly challenging, especially given that feeling this way can make it hard to get through that day. If you usually enjoy writing, I understand how demoralizing it could be to feel like we can’t even do that. With that said, we’re here for you as you navigate these challenges and would love to hear more if you’d like to share with us (forum.heartsupport.com). Thank you, once more, for sharing and for trusting us with your struggles.

I really appreciate you sharing your feelings. This sounds like a very difficult situation, and I can imagine it’s hard feeling motivated to do anything. I see that you enjoy writing, so it must be tough to feel like you can’t even do that. Please know that I, along with many others here at Heart Support are here to listen and support you through anything that you are going through. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry friend that life has felt so purposeless and empty for you lately. It is really hard to find ourselves in a place where we can’t enjoy anything anymore, and that deep inside there wouldn’t be much to feel anymore. No matter how much we try to force ourselves to feel connected to the world around us, it feels pointless. It sometimes even adds more pain and disappointment when you don’t see happening the results you expected.

In the midst of feeling so numb, it’s even more hard to give ourselves grace and be kind to ourselves. When I found myself experiencing something similar as you, through clinical depression, I couldn’t help but feeling like a real failure. I felt like something was broken in me, broken beyond repair, and I couldn’t accept that others seemed to have the possibility to enjoy their life without having to experience what I was going through. It feels so lonely to be in this position.

I hope with all my heart that, if you experience any self deprecating thought during this rough season, you will gentle push them away as they don’t need to have your attention or take your energy. What you are experiencing these days is not your fault, and you deserve now more than any time a lot of love, care and support. It’s okay to ask for help and reach out as you need too. Sometimes, our emotions and pain have been pushed aside for so long that it comes back at us through complete numbness. Our body and mind do their best to keep our walls up and to protect us. What you’ve been experiencing could be seen as a message to listen to, that you might have emotional needs that have to be attended, and it’s okay to do so with the help of safe allies. To me personally, learning to shift my perspective from “this is a curse/burden” to asking myself “what do I need now? What is this shift in my mood trying to say to me?”, has been fundamental in overcoming this rough patch.

This is not meant to be a place you’d be stuck in, my friend. I believe in you and in your ability to get back on your feet, progressively. To grow out and from this painful time you’ve been going through. I’ll be rooting for you.