Heartsupport i relate to that feeling of everythin

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@heartsupport I relate to that feeling of everything hurting, and not knowing my own identity. I live that way everyday, yet I have no big event like losing someone to explain it. All I know or identify with is negativity and pain. I commented before in the “Hi Ren” video reaction that I cannot find that positive voice inside me, all I have is the negative. I continue to try therapists, but so far, none have dug past the walls my mind constructed through my whole life. Each day is a struggle to go on, and although I’m unlikely to off myself, I hope that something will end me (the universe, “God”, perhaps a meteor with pinpoint accuracy targeted on me).


Hey there friend,

Thank you for being open and honest with us. I know that takes a lot of guts. I’m so sorry that you’re feeling this. Life can be so odd and cruel. Please remember that you are here, and you bring your loved ones happiness. Even just commenting like you did can let someone know that they aren’t alone if they are feeling the same way. As far as your own identity, that can take time to fully grasp. But you are important. You are loved. There are beautiful things waiting for you in life. And I’m happy that you reached out. We’re here for you. Stay strong <3

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Hi friend,
I think if therapy doesnt work, in order to gain that more positive mindset, you could try gratitude journaling right when you wake up and right before you go to bed. This could help put you in a positive frame of mind right when you wake up and just before the day ends. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on the day and what you could do to improve tomorrow. You are so valuable and loved. Keep pushing those negative thoughts away, you got this.

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Im sorry you’re going through this. Continuing to persevere shows your character. Not everybody has the strength to keep going. Keep going you got this!


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hey friend, thank you for opening up about the hurt and journey of discovery you experience. i’m so sorry you are facing all of the negative thoughts that overflow your mind. that’s such a difficult thing to endure let alone overcome. it’s understandable how you desire an escape to the negative voice. i’m proud of you for continuing to pursue therapy even though you haven’t experienced a noticeable break in those walls. what are the things that keep you strong and afloat? i hope with your answers to that question, you can continue to cling to them for hope and peace through the negative thoughts that try to drown you. for me, i have my dog, brother, and best friends to be my life-preserver when life tries to sink me. wishing you and your own life-preservers all the best as we brave the storms and find land again. you got this, my friend.

It is disheartening to navigate in this world without a sense of identity, or at least one that wouldn’t be made of pain and dark thoughts. When you’ve almost only known this in your life, it feels like it’s just you, your whole being. The perspective of reaching opposite experiences, ones made of hope and joy, seems to distant to be real sometimes. So you keep pushing forward, over and over, but wonders sometimes what is it worth for if the results are so shy to be seen.

For what it’s worth, I’m very proud of you for seeking therapy and for trying, especially during days when finding your self beyond this pain feels impossible to reach. Each time you seek support, share about your experience and allow safe/supportive people in, you are doing the hard work of healing. Therapy in particular can be a test of patience at first - to find the right approach, the right therapist, then also to learn to trust one with yourself. Although it might be a slow process, it is one worth exploring just like you’ve been doing, for this is about you and your well-being. I believe in you, friend. :heart: