Heartsupport it was really hard come from 11 years

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@heartsupport It was really hard come from 11 years or so of deployments back to civie street, many time a toaster bath seemed an option, but still here…


I want to first say thank you so much for your service. It is because of brave people like you that anyone is able to have a safe life. To have seen such horrors and brutality from deployment to then have to readjust to civilian life must be extremely jarring and unfamiliar. The fact that you are still here today is something to be very proud of. I for one am very proud of you and very grateful that you are still here.

As unfamiliar as civie street is, there are so many people who will love you and help you readjust. This darkness will not last forever. Keep taking things one day at a time, finding the beauty that is in each today and persevere forward. I am here for you and care about you. You are so very loved <3


I want you to know how glad I am you are still here and I am so grateful for your service. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to transition back to “normal” life after 11 years. Sometimes the world seems so dark and we feel trapped and hopeless to the point that ending it all seems like the only option. I’m so glad that you fought that urge and are still here. While it may seem dark and hopeless, I truly believe there is hope and purpose for you. You are not alone. We are here to support and encourage you. I pray that you find support and healing because you are loved and worthy. Stay strong!


As a fellow member of the human race, thank you for not choosing the toaster bath! Taking your own life sometimes seems like the only way out of those darkest parts of our pain, but if you can remember that your life has meaning and purpose despite everything you’ve been through, you can hold on.
Thank you for your service. I can’t imagine what you faced during those 11 years of deployments! But the fact is you are still here. You saw the worst humanity had to offer- war, suffering, poverty, violence. Of course after seeing the worse of the worse you would want to leave such a depraved and awful state. I can’t imagine how the transition from active duty to civilian life is either. It’s probably like going from the moon back to earth-- complete change in atmosphere, routine, and skills needed to survive. Skills that were activated and trained on the field, could be a disadvantage to you in civilian life. Triggers that used to bolt you into action could now launch you into anxiety. No wonder in the middle of that transition would you consider ending things. That would be a terrible place of discomfort to be. Everything new and nothing the same and new pain to go along with it and horrible memories to plague your mind.

In the middle of this transition, I hope you can give grace to yourself and give yourself some credit! This is not at all an easy thing! You are launching into an entirely different world! You are strong enough to get through your deployments so you are strong enough for civilian life. I hope that the skills it takes to adapt rise and strengthen and grow within you. I hope that your are able to have plasticity and be what you need to be for yourself in this seasons. And I hope that any trauma of those deployments heals completely and is but a distant shadow of the past in your mind. God bless you! I wish you all the best!

I can’t begin to imagine what you’ve seen or been through. Thank you for serving where most others cannot. I can’t think of how tired I’d feel, emotionally and mentally, seeing and hearing what you’ve been in and then trying to adjust back to home life. Like everything’s ok. I’m so proud of you for being so strong, I can understand the appeal of a way out of a bad headspace, like a big blaring red ‘exit’ sign in a room on fire. Sometimes those fires are too overwhelming and we can’t put them out on our own and we feel like we gotta bail. I wanna let you know that bailing isn’t an option, there are people who do care and can help! And it sounds like you’re doing a great job so far! You are here! You made it through it all and you’re still here! You keep on going friend! We love you and are here for you!!! Thank you for all you’ve done and thank you for sticking it all out for us!! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: