Heartsupport stuck in this feeling it seems almost

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@HeartSupport stuck in this feeling, it seems almost daily. Just tired of everything


Hi Friend,

Thank you for making this post and for sharing. It was a big step to express out loud how you are feeling. I’m sorry to hear that you feel so weighted down and tired of everything. You must be dealing with a lot. It can be hard to have to manage such intense feelings on what feels like a daily basis, and it can really wear down and eat away at our energy, motivation, etc. I hope you can hold on to the strength within you to keep going and pushing through. I hope that one day things can get better, and you can get a positive relief from the feelings that you have. :white_heart:

Hello. When I was younger this song was also very prevalent in my life, and I related to it deeply. I’m old, so I was young when this song was first released. I’m sorry that you are currently stuck in the almost daily cycle of having to feel this way. I can relate deeply to this struggle, and though less frequently, these thoughts can still come and go depending on what I am experiencing in my life. I would encourage you to please feel free to share more of what you are going through, and what has you feeling this way if you ever want/need. If you are not comfortable sharing in youtube comments there is also forum.heartsupport.com. We are here if you’d like to share more. I hope that you can have a better day today then days previous, and please do your best to stay safe/strong. <3