Heartsuppprt sorry if this is long and anyone who

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@heartsuppprt sorry if this is long, and anyone who also feels this lemme know what your thoughts.

I agree w/ what she said. We hold things in and push it outwards. When I was a teen, early 20s I lost many fights with walls, and fences and stopped because it wouldn’t change anything. I still hold things in but I don’t really feel anything anymore. I saw someone say psychopaths are born and sociopaths are made. I would never willingly or intentionally turn myself into that, but I wonder if the fact I held things in for long in my life (31) I did turn myself into a sociopath. I feel nothing. I don’t do bad things not because I’d feel guilty but because prison doesn’t sound like a good place for me. I don’t remember my life under the age of 13 except trauma . Therapy would be amazing but alot of us are in the same boat and have 2 choices, food & shelter or Therapy. :confused: love the video, yall keep being amazing

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