Hello to everyone

Hello to all the people here. I am new here, and i just wanted to greet everyone.
As to how and what i feel, and why i am here, i will have to compose myself to write it, i just need some time to place my thoughts because i just break down every time. Just wanted to say hello.

Hello! I think you’ll find that this is a very supportive community and I hope you’ll find some comfort in that. You can definitely take your time organizing your thoughts, but even if it doesn’t come out as clearly as you’d like, we’ll still be happy to respond! What I mean is, don’t worry too much about making it super cohesive or put together.

Welcome to the community! Talk soon.

Welcome @Alex198! I hope you find a sense of safety and refuge within this amazing community. You’re safe here and we’re always rooting for you! Looking forward to seeing you around. :slight_smile:

Take your time. This is a great community that cares about its members.

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Hey what’s up? Welcome! Take your time and know that when you are ready we are here. :slight_smile: