Help For My Daughter

I always seem to say the wrong things when my daughter comes to me to talk about how she is feeling. What are the right/wrong things to do and say when your child has suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of self-harm? I want to help her, not make things worse.


Interesting case, This is going to be tricky

Number of Experts failed
2 therapists
3 psychiatrists
2 psych

Child Symptoms
Self Harm, Depression, Anxiety

Have you tried visiting Nueropsychologists


It’s probably not your fault at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall.
I am a teenager who is a twin that self-harms and it’s not because of anything my mom did.
I must tell you this though: I think you should be careful how you word things when you are talking to her because it really really really can have censequences when you word something wrong.
Also the analogy of a dark endless tunnel with a light at the end remins me of a poem/ song that my best freind wrote…
oh no I’m going on a tangent.
I think you should do something like you should sing to her or something.
If there is a song that you used to sing to her you should.
Also, I have seen my parents feeling like the way it is with you… it is so terrible and it hurts me…
(Is it okay if I start talking about my self?)
I guess I wont.
I read the thing you said and the thing is it is good for her to ahve sad thoughts because it is just the way it is but what she would need would be true feelings and not icky depression. The thing is I think it would be best if you don’t force her to talk about her feelings. She can if she wants to though.
I think that I would need to actually be there and know her to know how to help but I wish I could be there and be your freind and you kids’s freind. I really really wish that. You sound like you need a hug. I wish I could give you a hug. You are definitely a really good mom. You really care about your kids. I would know better of how to help if I could talk to her and not just you. I really wish that. I am sorry If I am stupid and self centered. Also, sometimes there is things that happen to us peple who are kids that are as real as you and me that adults could not possibly belive in and if we tried to make you belive I know you would think we were insane and it might have to do with one of the things like that. If I told you what it was with me, you would prbably think I was crazy but really I’m not. I wish I could hug you a bunch and Im really sorry if I said anything offensive, insane, or self centerd, or rude or problematic. I hope at lest part of what I said can help you nad your daughter. Probably not though : ( .


Since I don’t know your daughter, I can’t say for sure, but I’ll tell you what I would do.

I would try to figure out what is bothering her, and I don’t mean ‘I’m anxious’. Something specifically is making her feel thus way and has for some time. You can throw doctors and psychs at her all day but if you don’t figure out what the problem is, you may as well just throw darts. Let her know that you welcome her to talk to you or cry on your shoulder. That you would gladly make the time to hear her out when she’s having a hard time. Let her know you love her and she makes you proud.

Honestly if my parents did nothing but send me to see doctors without trying to communicate with me or share that I meant anything to them I wouldn’t see it as help, I would see it as being pawned off to the next doctor. Not accusing you of anything, thats just how it would feel to me.

Just talk to her.


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