Help me! i have a current problem

Winter Formal is coming up and i just moved from across the country. I’m also doing online school so i don’t even really know anyone except for my two friends. One of which is a lot younger and the other one is my age but she has a boyfriend. Her school just had homecoming a month ago and she is not going to winter formal in her school. Should I just go with my friend or try to find a single 15 year old metalhead within a couple months.

Why a metalhead? Why not someone that is 15 years old with some angst? I watched a youtube video of lifelong friends (not lovers) that one was a pastel lolita goth chick and the other was a Satan (image) obsessed Goth Chick. They were into different fashion styles yet they’re the best of friends.

Why does your chick have to be a metalhead? Why can’t she be a loveable nerd? Or a Gangsta wannabe that is heavy into Eminem?

I’m just saying open your options. You’d be surprised what having an openmind might bring you.

with that advice, i actually have an idea on who to go with :smile: Thanku