Here s my mask from a child to a teenager i was ex

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Here’s my mask: From a child to a teenager, I was excluded and despised by all my peers, until one awesome girl accepted me and tried to be my best friend. She was the only one who was ever kind to me. Sadly in a life time full of rage, and rejection I gave her the only thing I had, hate. Now years later, I still have only hate, rage and rejection to give others. So the fake mask I use everyday is the happy mask, the “everything is ok” mask, but that’s the fake one, what I really have inside is the feeling of unfairness, no one ever gave me a chance, and when someone did and came to give love, I only had shame and rage to give back. And now feels like it’s too late.

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It’s not too late. Your shame and rage are deeply rooted emotions that need to be explored, not suppressed or ignored. Therapy helps. It’s helping me process the same emotions. You got this.

@@cameronbodell7985 I agree

​@maiorrroberto I can absolutely relate to this. I was in public school till the end of my 4th grade year. My mom pulled me out of public school and home schooled me due to the unfairness and bullying that even the school was in on. My family was a church family and thus my clothing reflected those religious views giving other students the ammo. Instead of being assigned a teacher in a classroom for what would have been my 5th grade year I was assigned the Principles office for the year after an incident where I stood up to my bullies in front of the Principle.
Due to me not being publicly schooled I was left out of being able to join sports (I was a very athletic kid) never got to do the normal things kids do. I was rejected by the girls in town because they didn’t recognize me from school so they assumed I was either a huge problem or some form of special needs. Due to rejection over my life and the bullying for not having an average public education I too have a pent up hatred for how unfair life was when I was not in a position to voice my needs in a way that would be beneficial. I wear a mask of emotionless 1000 yard stare. I look right through people as if they don’t exist as a way to avoid hearing their whispers.

@@eyespyyourspy1328 I got you brother. But you know the craziest part? Even tho sometimes feels like my downfall will come at any moment or I’ll have this terrible catastrophic outcome in my life, somehow there is always a part of me that hopes for the best. Somehow I have this unshakable hope I’ll get some sort of redemption. I hope you have that too.

@maiorrroberto My redemption is imminent. Just over the horizon. Life didn’t throw me into the forge to be tossed aside forever. The forging process is long and excruciating. The beating you must take to be shaped, hardened and sharpened is worth the pain and misery. Every day I am closer to being the man I have been forged to be.
Just remeber only a select few are forged in such ways and our purpose goes beyond our simple 3D cognitive understanding. Trust the pain is weakness being removed and hardening of the steel

​@@eyespyyourspy1328 Beautifully said bro

It’s never too late brother. As slipknot says “we’re all one big fucking family”. Find what brings you peace. Art, getting into mma, punching bag, cooking, comedy, anything. Read the comments in this video bro. You’re not alone. Take everything in life as a challenge. The stronger ones have the tougher challenges. You’re strong. Kick ass and break through each one at a time. Go to the river or something and cliff jump. Live life and chase that rush!! :metal:t2:. I love adrenaline rushes. Makes you feel alive!

“You want a real smile? Or the one I use to practice not to feel like a failure” definitely hits hard

Recently I have felt so fake most of the time because of similar situations experienced it feels like I’m going insane everything feels like it’s changing around me and I don’t see it. :man_shrugging:t2:

​@@johncakanic8020 Absolutely, the mask hurts to use, hard to breathe, hard to see, kinda claustrophobic, literally and physically, but hides something that hurts kinda more.

@@DR650adventures Bro, me too. And like Taylor said in the video, we can get these fucking emotions and masks bring to the light, confront this “Devil and I”, take power from it and defeat it, with the help of our brothers and sisters. Thank you bro, knowing people can relate is awesome.

I can relate I was home school and didn’t have any friends for the majority of my life and that is partially my own fault but still it made me feel alone and put me in a dark place growing up my dad introduced me to heavy metal it really helped me get through the mental struggle and btw I was raised in a strict Christian denomination and I was not allowed to associate with any one that was not part of that denomination/Group wich made being a kid hard and a teenager even harder but I’m almost 18 now and I’m not in that dark place anymore and for the first time in my life I have friends real ones…… peace :peace_symbol: :heart::love_you_gesture:t3: rock on brother

@@user-rk1ii5uf4h Thank you so much bro, :love_you_gesture::heart: this means a lot to me.

Hey, if you ever get a chance to save a life, do you think anyone will mind?

@@Cale_Davison Yes, I believe so. Of course.

@@maiorrroberto Soja - Walk Away is the first song I noticed we have both heard. And, Charles Bradley…
At a concert, Charles Bradley told the crowd that he wanted to show love to the back of the room, and he walked to where my sister and I were, and threw her a rose.

You understand even though technically we aren’t saying quite the same thing. No matter what we have done, there is always something helpful that we can do, and it will not be refused or questioned.

@@Cale_Davison I totally get you bro, thank you so much :call_me_hand::heart:

Its never too late, ask For God’s healing and I mean cry to pray! You’ll see.

@@robertsaviano Thank you so much bro. :pray: