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Hey I’m back

Hey everyone it’s been a while since my last update post and the last time I was on here but I’m in a good enough position to be able to come here and help others and get help without taking on more stuff. But anyways some of the things that have been going on with me. After one break with SH I’m clean and haven’t broken again I think it’s been at least a month now but I don’t really care anymore about how long as long as I’m clean. I’ve gotten a lot more clothes that fit my gender and it makes me feel really happy and just right. I’m also doing better with depression and self hatred and I’ve figured o it a balance with helping people and taking time for myself and that was the main reason I left for a bit because I didn’t have that and I was hurting myself with that but I’ve gotten better with that and I’m back. Also sorry for this being closer to rambling than a planned out thing


Welcome back my friend. :hrtlegolove: I’m glad you decided to come back. I have watched you grow and learn how to cope better and I just want you to know how proud I am of you.


Thank you so much. It means a lot to me to know that you are proud of me


Welome Back, it is so good to see you and reading your post just brings a massive smile to my face. Whatever you have done or are doing please keep doing it because you have come leaps and bounds into the place that you are meant to and deserve to be. I too am super proud of you. Happy New Year Paladin xxxx


Wlecome back Paladin. :hugs:

I am so glad to see you. I am glad that you have been doing better. You have really made some progress with SH and your mental health so congratulations on that. :slightly_smiling_face: Remember even if you dont feel super good that does not mean you should not write here ok. We will be glad to support you. It is ok that you took a break but this is a place for everyone and nobody feels ok all the time so dont be afraid to reach out when you need it ok. :wink:


I understand that and I wasn’t without support but I knew if I was here I would have focused on everyone else but me so I knew it was best to take a break but I’m back and thank you.


Thank you. That means a lot

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It is a real joy to see you again @Paladine. Welcome back. It is amazing to see all the steps you’ve been taking lately. Truly impressive and inspiring. This year, I’m going to follow your footsteps in terms of balancing me time/time for others. It’s challenging for some people, but so essential. Thank you for showing the way. :wink:

We’re all so very proud of you.

You’re loved. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you you being proud me means a lot and I hope you are able to find the balance between helping others than yourself


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