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Hey there everyone, it has been a long time since I Posted. Well, I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and it is really taking a toll. I don’t know but it just seems there’s ending to this . Anxiety sometimes gets a upper hand over me and the world seems a really small place to run . I am always anxious about things and mostly related to my health and in the night time it gets worse every day . I’m seeing a doc and a therapist also but rn things are very bad but I’m trying my best to hold my nerves . I just want to be normal , I can’t focus on my career neither can I do anything while in this all. Let’s hope things don’t get any worse .
For any valuable information/ help I would be extremely grateful


Hey Junaid, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Anxiety is such a horrible feeling. I know it must be so hard and must make you feel down that you’re unable to focus on career at the moment, but I do want to encourage you that your health comes first. I hope that with the help of your doctor and therapist you’ll be able to get back into a routine that works for you.
If you need to rest your body please do so


You’ve already taken the most important action to overcome/manage the anxiety because you’re seeing a doctor and a therapist.

I’ve had a horrendous history of anxiety, but I’m generally okay now. Reasons to be anxious don’t go away, but it helps to focus on the present rather than on what you fear might happen. I began by asking myself, “am I safe, and will I be safe for the next hour?” With a reasonable expectation of safety in the next hour, I can take a break from worry for at least that long.

Perhaps if you look at your own past and ask yourself how many of the things you worried about actually happened. Then ask yourself, to what extend did the worry help you when the event occurred.

With that said, it isn’t always effective to become philosophical about anxiety. This is true when a sense of foreboding comes and you can’t think of any reason for it. This is when professional help is especially important.

Exercise and adequate sleep is very helpful, both with anxiety and confidence. Visualization, meditation and relaxation music, or any mellow music can also help. Exercise clears the mind, and triggers endorphins that can offset anxiety.

Welcome back!


Actually I’m giving myself time to find out actually works out . So I’m hopeful but sometimes you know it sucks (that’s what anxiety does)
Much love :gift_heart:


I am not sure if medications work in long time , but therapist is helping a bit . I’m trying to figure out things that might help me and adapt myself in situations that make anxious.


Hi Junaid. I hear you friend. Anxiety is a beast to deal with. Thank you for reaching out and putting yourself out there. It’s good to hear you have some professionals helping. Even with that help it’s difficult for them to know what tactics will work. My anxiety while not every day is regular and sometimes quite intense. I don’t think we really know why the anxiety is happening. We tend to intellectualize reasons relying on our prefrontal cortex to explain the world but our anxiety stems largely deeper in our emotional brain and sometimes, sometimes our emotions just happen. We also have a system geared for more responsive action…lion attack, must fight or flee. But our world isn’t like that anymore so our brain is constantly perceiving potential “threats” but doesn’t have a great system for reacting. I have a paper due tomorrow. I need to remember to pick up the kids soon. I should stand up for myself. The brain only sees these as threats but isn’t geared for subtle responses. I give this background to explain my approaches to dealing with my anxiety. My first thing is to understand that unless I’m in real danger than this is my amygdala doing it’s thing and these feelings while uncomfortable are “inaccurate”. I use meditation to not stop my thoughts but to try to get comfortable with uncomfortable feelings. “My body is doing what it thinks is best even if what it’s doing is uncomfortable. I am actually okay right now.” Long 4 second deep breath in, exhale for 7 seconds. Repeat 10x. Meditation is to help with the ruminating thoughts. The breathing, extending the exhale longer than the inhale, is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and tell your limbic system “all is okay, turn off red alert”. Something else to try. We have 2 modal networks for brain activity, a default mode network and a task positive network. The DMN is active largely when we’re at rest but also is associated with anxiety and depression. It likes to conceptualize things and sometimes those things are worry ideas. If we use the other, the Task Positive network, and engage in a focused task the DMN quiets down. Take up a task that focuses your thoughts. Building something that requires focus. Do a craft where you’re focused on the actions. Exercise where you’re really aware of your bodily effort. These types of activities will ease the DMN and help quiet the anxiety thinking. Sorry this was long but hope something here helps.


Hi friend, I think you’re doing the best you can currently by seeing a doctor and therapist regarding your situation. Have either of them given you any sort of resources for coping mechanisms for your anxiety? If not, would that be something you’d be willing to try? I have some resources on some I wouldn’t mind sharing with you, if you would like them.

Please let me know if you would, or if there’s anything else that I can help with. Take care.

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yeah please share, i would be grateful

thanks for taking so much time that literally means a lot

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This one explains anxiety, and some different techniques to look into with combating and relaxing it: https://www.therapistaid.com/worksheets/what-is-anxiety

Here is some coping skills to help relax anxiety: https://www.therapistaid.com/worksheets/coping-skills-anxiety

If neither of these are beneficial, I can look for some more as well. :)) I appreciate you looking into giving them a try, that’s very brave! <3