Hey, Just wanted to thank everyone!

For school we were asked to make an essay on what was one of our most life changing expieriences and when I started to write about mine, I remembered heart support. Heart support played such an amazing role in my recovery and helped me see what I needed to focus on to get better. in specifics I said this " I found an amazing server called heart support when I was at an all-time low, Where I then was welcomed and had help from countless, kind, amazing, and compassionate individuals. They helped my lows become less lonely and from seeing what I’ve seen these people make such a difference. I would Like to thank them for everything, because without those amazing people in that community I can tell you honestly, I wouldn’t be here today. " in context my expierience was abt covid and being online. I made so many friendships online from heartsupport in which I hope will be lifelong. I just had to pop back on here to thank you. :smile:


You’ve provided such an inspiring expression of gratitude! That gives all of us a lift!


You are loved so much @crazy_mexican. Thank you for taking the time to share such inspiring message. I’m grateful that you are part of this online fam’ as well and have no doubt that you keep and will keep on sharing your very own light wherever you’ll be. :hrtlegolove:

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