Hey, wrote this to vent a bit

I’m unsure about this, It simply feels discomfortable for me this is something new and like any other human being when travelling to the unknown, so I hope It all goes well, please consider this as my introduction here, as I hope to be a part of this more often.

I don’t feel content with how my life goes, a big part of it just seems like an empty void, I can fill it, of course, be it with games, music, videos, hanging out with friends, whatever someone would do to entertain themselves, but the more I “fill” this void the more It seems to open and the less these things can fill It. I love it when I spend time with people, and I want to meet more people and find someone I can fully trust, I don’t want them to leave again, I don’t want to be betrayed again.
Please keep in mind I live in an isolated island wherein most people always seem to judge what over people do, and It’s suffocating.

I don’t think I can spill it all out in one go, and I forgot a lot of things probably, even now I feel anxious to how this will be judged upon, and it scares to me think like this, that people who come together to help one another will somehow hurt me, maybe that’s the problem people kindness scares me.

Regardless If you made it this far, I thank you for reading as long as you did, and as I said at the start I will try to come around more often, It feels nice once in a while to write down how you feel. It just helps you understand how you feel, and more importantly how to express it, I don’t think I’m in the worst case possible, It can always be worst, and when I think about feeling bad for myself, I just feel selfish and alone, afraid to share how I feel with anyone.

With love

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@Yiano Thank you for sharing. You are an important person in this community. Don’t forget.