Hi everybody

Hello everyone!
It’s been five days since my Drug overdose relapse. I however have never been to rehab since a teen.
I am on the mend of recovery from that relapse. I am, however, worried about breaking the sobriety if things get too stressful. I live with my mom and sister, and there are ways to get access to pills. I just hope it does not happen. I do my best to remain sober each and every day. It’s been five days now for me being clean. I continue to be this way. I just hope that I get enough support from my friends. It’s been hard so far. I try my best. I know I cannot undo what I did five days ago, but I just hope that I never will relapse again. I had to make a commitment to make it not happen again. It’s going to be hard for me in avoiding drugs at home. I have friends there who will try to help me in any way, but it is going to be really really hard for me along the way. And I just hope it’ll all be okay.


Hello Anonymous2020,
I can see that you are actually progressing, because you are saying, “I Hope.” It is proof you have hope, and when you have hope that means there is hope for you and your’e not hopeless.
Keep pushing on!

Yes, I hope I can pull through. It’s been five days already. So it’s already starting to get hard for me. I’ve really never even been to rehab in my life. I did do drugs back in high school though

Well, we belive in you!

I hope that’s true. It’s been hard so far I am working my hardest through recovery

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Hey @Anonymous2020, congratulations on 5 days sober! A relapse doesn’t mean you’ve lost or that you’re back at square one, it means you can pick up right where you left off and keep going. The fact that you caught yourself and didn’t throw your sober life away is a testament to how far you’ve come in your recovery!

I think “fighting” is the wrong way to go about staying sober long term though. Drugs don’t go away and don’t get exhausted. they will always be there, and if you push them away with sheer willpower, eventually you’ll get tired. That doesn’t mean you’re weak–we all have habits we succumb to if we only try fighting them. The key is to turn your back on drugs, not look back, and look forward to something else. That’s easier said than done, but they help you do that in AA/NA. If we fight our demons, we’re never really free of them. If we turn away from them, we can leave them behind.

Since you know how to live sober, I think rehab is more than you need, but even non-addicts can benefit from working the 12 steps. What’s more, if you join AA or NA, you’ll get a sponsor to 1. hold you accountable and 2. be there for you when you’re struggling, like now. You could call up your sponsor, tell them what’s going on, and they’ll talk through it with you. Once you do that, your “secret” is out, and you have someone who can hold you accountable without judging you. Your secrets are far less powerful when they’re not secrets anymore.

You took a big step sharing here. I applaud you for that. It takes a lot of guts to admit when we’re done wrong, even to anonymous people on the internet. We are here for you whenever you need us, but depending who’s on, we can only give you so much advice. Joining AA or NA and finding a sponsor is like concierge Heart Support service. It’s something you can’t do until you’re ready, but it’s something to consider. Sharing here, I think you’re getting closer to being ready. Take care @Anonymous2020

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