Hi idk how to start im just so lost lately me and

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Hi idk how to start…im just so lost lately…me and my wife live in our truck out in the middle of the nv desert on blm land…we lost everything during covid… I’ve been out of work now for almost 1 1/2 now… filling and filling out apps with no answers…if it wasn’t for my wife and her part time job…we would be fucked…we are just getting by, with no help from anyone…no food stamps, no medical help nothing. I’ve been feeling useless lately… My wife so strong and keeping us a float…and idk…so down…when she’s at work i just cry by myself in my fuckin truck…staring at a desert day in and day out. I do have my dogs… they may not speak,but do give me unconditional love. Idk what im getting at, maybe just venting…but yeah just lost!!;;


Reaching out to vent is okay and venting is great. I am so happy that you found a place to let your feelings out. I am so happy you have support from your wife and your dogs, it is very important to have support. You are not alone in this and the hard times won’t last forever even when it seems like it. If you ever need to vent again you can reach out because we are here for you.
Being unemployed is very hard on people’s mental health but please don’t lose hope YOU WILL GET IT! and take care of yourself please!

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hey friend,

thank you for being here and opening up about what you’re going through. living in a truck and facing job denials is extremely difficult and frustrating. you are seen, heard, and not alone in this - especially with an amazing wife and loving dogs by your side. those are the best reasons of all to keep fighting, to keep putting your name out there for a company to see the infinite value you can bring them. you can find your way back from feeling lost and hopeless and conquer this difficult time. i believe in YOU!


Hi there!
Welcome, it’s okay to vent. Sometimes it helps to get struggles that are heavy off your chest. Unemployment can be a challenging situation, especially after putting in countless applications only to not hear back. However, despite all of this, I am happy that you still have love and support from your wife and dogs. It is important to have those blessings in your life. It may seem small but I know that when it comes to family, it means the world. You are not alone in this!
I would not lose hope in the job department. Even if you get a smaller job to bring in some cash, it could still be more beneficial than you may anticipate. It also may not be a bad idea to try and volunteer somewhere by where you reside and engage with a community of others to make new peers. Maybe the dogs can join too!
I wish you love and support and hope everything goes well for you.

-Daniela :slight_smile:

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