Hopeless worthless

I tried to live today
I thought I will feel better for another tomorrow but it is always so painful, keep repeating hopeless, people give me support then hopeless again.
It never stops.

Yeah, it’s like your heart is a spaghetti strainer…you can dump a shit ton of water in it, and it can seem full for a moment, but it just leaks out in the end…you feel like there’s nothing that could possibly stop you from draining back to empty and alone and hopeless.

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. I have been here myself, and it feels so hopeless. I want you to try to think of thinks in smaller blocks… It can be overwhelming to even thing of surviving a day sometimes. Break it down to just the next ten minutes. Then the next. And if that is too much, the next minute… then another. This place of hopelessness IS temporary. You matter. You are cared for.