How can I get better again

I was actually doing well for a while until yesterday. A friend of mine said something triggering and now I’m back in the slump


Hi cryztaliah,
thank for being here, Welcome to Heart Support.
thanks for sharing.
May i ask, what was that whats triggered you ? i don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, but it’s
quite hard to answer such short messages.
You noticed you did well the last while, remind yourself what you did in these times. maybe write your
progress down. see your growth. remind yourself of the good things you have done, what you did in that
time, and do that what makes you happy, what makes you feel better.
writing helps, also talking, talk about your worries and your fears. it will be a relief after. as much energy it
needs, you will grow from that, you will learn from that.
do little steps, and more important, remind yourself of your own steps you made.
progress is not always a step forward, sometimes you need to do a little step back, but don’t see it as going
back, see it as learning. so next time you will do better, i am sure about it.
be proud of reaching out here, i am proud of you, that takes strength and courage.
you matter my friend, you are worth of everything good and you deserve it. feel hugged and

Hey there, welcome to HeartSupport, happy to see you here.

I am so sorry you were triggered. That’s the hardest thing about recovery, is handling triggers. Especially since it means finding other ways to cope instead of the unhealthy ways we would use before.

Whenever something triggers me, it helps to write it all out. What triggered me, how it’s making me feel, identifying all the emotions that came from it, and then figuring out how I’m going to ultimately cope with the feelings that the event triggered. Taking it step by step and slowing the process of emotions help us think more logically about the situation. I feel like relapse happens when we immediately jump to the unhealthy coping instead of pausing a moment and allowing ourselves to sit with the emotions and feel it out.

As far as feeling like being in a slump, I’m sorry the trigger has brought you down so low. It’s hard to not let painful words get to us. I think you did the right thing by coming to a place where you can get support and uplifting encouragement. I commend you for being able to identify the trigger in the first place, that’s something that takes a lot of skill.

I think all you can do now is recognize the feelings and try to cope in a healthy way, whether that be healthy distractions like journaling, art, going on a walk, getting out, or even just simply talking about how this made you feel to someone you trust.

I know you will get through this. Hang in there and keep pushing forward, we are here for you along the way :hrtlegolove:

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