How did you find courage?

First, I love this community and want to thank you all for putting in the effort to be here and support others :heart:.

I hope this helps anyone who has a calling to do something and is having a hard time approaching it.

I’m looking for some support and maybe even shared experiences from other members who have answered their calling, even through it meant giving something up or making a courageous change.

A little background on me to help with this. I’m 25 and have been very much career driven. I’ve put my entire identity into my work since I left highschool (it’s how I’ve coped with some instability/trauma growing up).

About 2 years ago, I finally was head to head with work being my entire identify. Facing it was shattering, but I’ve since built up a foundation where my entire self worth isn’t my career. It’s been painful, but freeing. It’s also made me more self aware.

Since I’ve been so career focused, I’ve gained a lot of material comfort. Which I am very thankful for.

I feel a strong calling to lead and start my own business. To give up my career status and material income to pursue the best version of myself. Not only for me, but for those around me, my family, my friends.

I feel God telling me everything you want to be (as a person) is on the other side of this decision. It’s sounds crazy, but I’ve sat on this for a year/so. I’ve since met a lot of people who are entrepreneurial and have a similar passion/vision.

All of this to ask - Have any members had a calling that you couldn’t ignore? What gave you the courage to “all-in” pursue it?


If you’re anything like me, the thought of starting something new can be scary enough, but with knowing that you’re stepping away from a source of seeming security it can be terrifying!
I know sometimes taking a chance can lead to a dead end, but this is something you seem sure of and have taken the time to think about.
So do you have a plan in place?
What your business looks like, how you’re going to run and manage it and how you’re going to grow it?
There’s always an option to connect with other small business owners and ask them about their business and what sort of financial planning they have in place, what are the quiet times and if they’ve found that the income is manageable.

Well I feel like you separated yourself worth from any job. Don’t get me wrong it great to be a hard worker and totally be proud of it. But I feel like, let something happen with your job, it feel like self worth would broken. So in my opinion, I guess my calling was being okay being an avenge person. I don’t we need to be anyone specific or live to high in status . Just be a good person is enough.


From: ManekiNeko

hey goodbuilder! Just checking in to see how you’re travelling and how your plans are coming together? I hope there’s some plans in the works if not already up and running! - Bimini


From: eloquentpetrichor

Welcome to HeartSupport, goodbuilder! It is lovely to have you join us :hrtlegolove:

I think it is amazing that you have this drive and ambition in your life and the courage to pursue what you want.

I honestly have not really had anything in my life I was passionate enough the way you describe your passion and drive that I pursued. My most courageous moment in my life was moving away from home last year at the age of 30 and that was not courage so much as a refusal to give up when my life became too much.

Welcome again and I hope you continue to be a part of this community and keep us updated on this project/business of yours. It sounds like an amazing thing that you are starting. Keep it up! :hrtlegolove:

From: Aces MCL36M

Hallos! It’s cool that you’re pursuing the idea of starting a business. Even though im younger than you. I don’t really have a business but I own a go-karting team and an Esports team that is somewhat successful. The way you can find courage is by looking at bigger businesses in you’re topic and building off some of their ideas. Even though it’s not guaranteed that you will become successful you need to brace for the worse at the same time before losing too much money. To get bigger is to spend quite a bit of money but that’s not always the case.

From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, thank you so much for your post and Welcome to Heartsupport, its good to meet you. You have posed quite a question there, one I personally find quite difficult to answer as I have struggled with finding courage to do things a lot in my life however it seems that you have succeeded a lot in the things you have chosen to do thus far in your life and this calling yo speak of is strong, for that reason taking a leap of faith doesnt seem that big of a thing for a person who appears so passionate about what they want to do. If I had to give any advice at all it would be that in my mind I would want to be open to this may not work, then I was at least partly prepared for that and then i would work hard so that it didnt. I hope that makes sense? I truly wish you lots of luck, you deserve it. Much Love Lisa x

hey Bimini, thanks so much for following up!

I’ve made some progress in forming my LLC, studying up on small business accounting, and asking around the group of business owners I know if they have recommendations on CPAs. I like learning new things, so figuring the logistics out is fun to me!

I am having a hard time leaving my current job, to go into business full swing. The thought of my leadership asking “why are you leaving?” or saying “if you leave now you are going to miss out on so much” is giving me some anxiety.

I know I won’t regret moving on to explore something new, but maybe I care more what others think than I am letting myself believe. I’m trying to find the courage to make a change.

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thank you everyone for your replies, it means so much to me.

I’ve taken logistical steps in actually forming my business. I still feel stuck in making the larger change of leaving my job.

Especially after seeing that almost a month has gone by since I’ve posted this. I will say I’ve been slowly turning my “what ifs” into “if it comes up, I can handle it”.

If I focus on this as a learning experience and that the opportunity is more in “who I will become” and “what I will learn” rather than the outcome (failure could happen, as many have said), I’ll be okay.

Maybe that’s where my courage resides? In “who I will become” in building my dream business, the skills I’d gather, and the people I’d meet.

So good to hear from you! I am glad that you’re enjoying the logistic side of things, it’s probably made the experience easier and more enjoyable for you. Are you feeling a bit of relief lifted now?

I think people sometimes think they’re doing us a favour being worried for us, but may be it could be their own insecurities about facing something like that that creeps in. I’d like to think if things really went pear shaped, those people would support you.
There’s always more to learn and different ways to approach situations. And the more experience you have the more you’ll be able to share that with someone else who is in your position now!
The fact you have put so much work into making sure you know what you want sounds to me like if you didn’t take that chance you’d regret it more. That sounds negative, how about, there will be opportunities that come and go, some of them we will always wonder about, some of them won’t matter too much, but if we take those opportunities that we know we want the most, then even when we face the hard parts, it’s still something that you know you worked hard for and to me, that’s never a waste!
I hope that makes sense

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