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How do I find therapy?

Sorry for posting so much, but I’ve come to realize that therapy might be super beneficial to me, y’know, having someone to talk to who knows what they’re doing…

but I don’t wanna ask my parents for therapy bc I’m socially awkward and scared to ^^" and I’m also worried they’ll put me with an anti-LGBTQ+ therapist bc religion and that’d really screw me over…

I think school councillors would be a good option except school ends in two weeks… help?

I can’t go to therapy without my parents knowing but I don’t rly wanna ask them

Wow what a dillema I’m in!



Even if school ends in two weeks, a counselor might be able to help you support that extends beyond the end of the school year. You might also try dialing 211, and see what they have to offer. You can also hang around here, for validation and emotional support. It’s hard for a kid to get mental health services without their parents knowing.

If you can handle your circumstances until you turn 18, you will be much more free to pursue therapy without your parents involvement. When you are 18, you can just tell your parents that you want therapy for depression/anxiety, then you can discuss whatever you want with the therapist, and your confidentiality is protected by law. Therefore, your parents won’t find out about what you are really talking about unless you tell them.


I doubt it, as I’m moving schools at the end of the yr…

I mean this seems the most plausible…

oof ah that sounds nice but I’m pretty far away from turning 18 ^^"


It may seem like a long way off, but you might be surprised at how quickly the time passes. Do you know which school you’ll be attending?

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yea but it’s new so they have like no staffing

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Hey! I’m so glad you’ve decided to look into therapy!! School counselors actually have a list of therapists you can go to based off parental insurance and their school etc, so my suggestion is going to the counselor and asking them to search their reccomendations for healthy therapies with opeminded people (Because I’m gonna be honest if you get a close minded therapist that’s basically wasting your money and causing more trauma, because therapy requires trust to even start it off, and if you can’t even trust your therapist to be a decent human being to you then you shouldn’t be paying them to keep having a job let alone a liscence) and telling your counselor about hiding the fact these therapists are LGBT friendly to your parents, so they’re none the wiser, tho this complicated as you have to trust your counselor in the first place to be a decent person and accepting, and not telling your parents about you being LGBT (they shouldn’t be telling them regardless because that breaks the confidentiality contract every student has), and they need to be smart enough to know how to properly just not mention something without actually lying (if they’re supportive enough). But yea I’m glad you are taking this step! This is a big step to take and I’m proud of you :blush: you can do this! Hoping that the past experience with therapists has healed enough for you to be comfy enough opening up there. Also, when you get a therapist, beleive it or not but gender is surprisingly a factor in how comfortable you are opening up, I’ve found male therapists to be more chill about stuff, but less emotional to situations, and female therapists to be very emotionally dedicated to patients, and caring about them if they don’t hold controversial veiws. Ofc this may just be how it is where I am, but it is something to also think about. Younger therapists also have a huge factor in your therapy experience. The younger they are the more chance they are progressive and accepting of people, for now, at least 10yrs of experience is enough to qualify as a good therapist in my book. If they don’t understand something theres less of a risk of them fake claiming you for bs like LGBT topics and Plurality, but they may not understand Plurality so would have to explain it to them properly if they’re confused, and if they research it and say something shitty on the lines of sysmed, don’t be afraid to point that out because the goal of therapy is to create a respected safe environment no matter what veiws they hold, (And those types usually only do minimum research at best. Also I’m saying pluralty, bc while you may not think these personifactions are real, and you may not have the pathological aspect of some systems [DID/OSDD], you do express alot of disorded experiences and it sounds like a plural experience. Again idk if you actually consider yourself plural but this was the experience I had of being a disordered system but not pathological in the past.) it isn’t about them, it’s about you. Older therapists that say they’re religious tend to try to “convert you” back to religious bullshit (so it’s not worth the risk), but older therapists in general will have a common struggle of understanding new concepts, so, something to look into as well. I also suggest looking into reveiws and what all their certifications are, the more progressive they seem to be the better chance you got at a healthy therapy. For you I’d suggest possibly a trauma therapist, if you love art an art therpist is good too (art therapists tend to be more open to all types of groups), if you like simple talk therapy that is also an option, there’s also Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialect Behavioural Therapy, and Exposure Therapy, it’s ideal to look into the trauma therapist so you can to see if they qualify the therapies that interest you, but most of the time they should qualify depending on the branch they are in. There is also Internal Family Systems therapy and Internal Trauma Response. I’m doing ITR, IFS is similar to that but just by yourself and focused more on trauma. Also last but not least, make sure the counsoler doesn’t reccomend you to a Liscenced Professional Counsoler (LPC), I’ve got counselor mixed up with therapists before and they have limits to how much they’re able to help you. They’re more for venting and life coaches, they can only do so much bc of the liscence, and what you need is therapy.

Sorry this is a bit of a tangent, but there’s lots to choose from and it’s important to be educated on therapy types so you can get the best therapy experience possible and don’t end up wasting money on something that didn’t help. Hopefully you’re able to talk to someone decent about getting a therapist and finally getting help ^~^

We wish you luck <3