How do I give my life meaning again?

I remember as a kid growing up I always thought I would grow up to be or do something special but I am realising more and more over time how much of a disappointment I am to myself and everyone around me.

I’m a university student and I have a job in the afternoons however I’m no longer passionate about these things nor am I emotionally attached. I feel like I’m trapped in my current life and I want so badly to break free but I’m restrained by my incapabilities.

I do not feel that I am properly understood by anybody in my life and I’m tired of being a burden to them. I feel like I have no connection to anyone or anything. I have no sense of who I am. I feel like a robot in my everyday life. It has become very difficult for me to show emotion. Everybody thinks I’m a boring person and I seriously lack personality and it’s so humiliating I just want to feel like my life means something.

I am numb all the time. It’s getting harder and harder to concentrate on simple things. Even while writing this it is taking me a long time to come up with simple sentences cause my mind is all over the place.

I don’t have any close friends with whom I can confide in. I feel like my family doesn’t know me. I’m stuck with nowhere to go and this is my last resort. How do I give my life meaning again?


Okn i went through something very similar when my career was changed due to injuries. I think there is more pressure that you put on yourself then what other actually expect of you, and that is perfectly normal especially when you are trying to do something big in life.

being passionate about jobs that are not necessarily what you want to be doing is very tough. But i hope to encourage to look at them as a step. a stable job is a key component to making your dreams come true. For instance i dont care about some of the work i have to do now…its boring and tedious, but its giving me a living and the funding to pursue my dream as an artist and musician. Because i have the job i can afford things like guitar supplies, amps, digital art programs and lessons with professionals. I think its good to put things into balance that not everything has to be so emotional, because there is also logic. You may not like the job you are at but if you use it right, then it can help you get to your goal.

Thinking you are burden to people is kinda what leads to being a burden if you catch where im going. YOU are not a burden, just a person who is hurting and there is nothing wrong with that. but when you put on the attitude of being a burden it becomes toxic very fast. the nice thing is that it only takes a change of attitude to fix… maybe not easy at first but at least its simple.

now the last point i have is that you have no sense of who you are. I think personal people fall into the trap of thinking they need to “find themselves”. But the thing is there is no magic box that you will run into that has those answers. no We as people “DEFINE” ourselves through our actions everyday. its where we get to take what we believe inside and put it into practice. Its about caring about others. Your life does have meaning, and a lot of it. ONE day you are going to be helping others that were in your same situation, because you learned empathy. You learned how to care for others when they are hurting and you will be able to help turn someones life around.

Now these concepts dont change where you at at this moment, but i can tell you that i will not abandon you. I will be praying for you no matter what that means to you personally, and i not only care about you , but see the potential for you. You are not worthless and you have a big purpose ahead. Please hold fast and let us be a support pillar for you. We can take this one step at a time. i would love to know more about you plz dont give up.

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Hi friend! We are here and we are your friends! Don’t ever hesitate to talk to us! We are all here for you.

I know personally, I had to change my mindset to be able to feel like my life had meaning.
I changed my major in college, got rid of all the toxic people in my life and focused solely on my mental health and self care! After doing this for awhile, I was able to wake up in the morning, motivated to make today better than yesterday.

Focusing on a positive mindset can help you tremendously!

Hope you have a great day and things start turning around for you! :heart:

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Hi, thank you for sharing. Your story, no matter how grey it might feel at times, matters; and just hearing that someone else is struggling with this helps people. So thank you for that.

When we’re kids we are often told stuff like that to keep us excited for the future, but when we arrive at the future then we look around at our lives and it doesn’t sound much at all like what we were promised. I know how that feels, and I’m sorry you’re feeling the same way. But doing something special doesn’t give your life value, your life has immense value regardless of the things you can do for people. It doesn’t make you any less loved, which by the way, you are loved unconditionally, right now in this moment.
I hope you are able to find connection here. We want to be your friend, we love you and care about you.
You are not boring.
You are not a disappointment.
You are not a burden.

Hang in there friend,

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So I can totally relate with you on this. I haven’t really felt like I have done anything of worth since getting out of the Marines. When I go to my “job” these days, my passion is normally at a 0%. I moved to the middle of country NY 3 years ago, from a city, which is a huge change. So the pick of friendships out here is not that high, or great. So I really don’t have too many friends to confide in as well.
So one day I took a deep look at those things and tried to create positives. My job might not be the greatest, but at least I have mobility and am able to work. I am in the middle of nowhere, but I look around, and the beauty of nowhere sometimes is great! I may not have tons of friends, but I’ve got my two kiddos, who are the best friends I could ever have!
Sometimes we just have to try and pull ourselves out of the rut friend, and realize it isn’t so bad. As far as the friends go, I know how that is. So I mean this when I offer, anytime you need to chat, hit me up, on any forum. I know it isn’t the same as a physical friendship, but it does help. I hope this lent a bit of peace to you friend. Please HOLD FAST, and remember you have us behind you!

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Thank you all for your kind words. I appreciate that I can turn to you for helpful advice. I’ve just been feeling so low all the time. So I think I’m going to try appreciating some positive things in my life, and re evaluating the negative things.


Oh man, I can relate to this so much. It was like reading a post that I would write.

I go through so much of this on an every day basis. I have a hard time opening up and talking about it, so I’m glad you were brave enough to share! I know it’s not always easy to.

I’m really sorry that you are struggling with these things. I know what an impact it can be emotionally and mentally. And on motivation. I’m always battling trying to find motivation when I feel this way.

Understanding has always been such a hard thing for me to find in others. Along with acceptance. My scattered brain and anxiety has me all over the place and sometimes it’s just hard to piece things together and function.

You are not alone my friend. And everything you expressed here is so valid.

You are important and I hope that you are able to find peace and comfort in all of this somehow. So that you can refind your drive and passion in life. So you can feel like you have a better sense of yourself and what you want. I know it’s sometimes hard to find and get there but things can better.

Is there a friend, a loved one or a therapist that you can confide in and talk to at all?

So much love to you friend. I know it’s hard. In there with you. Please hold strong

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