How do I stop liking someone?

The guy I like just told me that I’m thin and that I should eat more. Saying that it’s a turn off when a girl is too thin. He even jokingly said that the reason why my ex left me is cause of my thin body. I didn’t find it funny, it hurt. But I just laughed it off cause I liked him. I never paid attention to how my body looked like before, but now I’m insecure and would eat more to gain weight. He was nice to me after that, saying that I may be thin but atleast I’m cute. I know I should be mad and cut him off but I just can’t leave him for some reason…


Hello @Elie

Welcome to Heart Support and thank you for sharing your story.

I’m sorry this person has made you feel insecure about how your body looks. What he said was very rude and I see it as a red flag.

You deserve someone who is going make you feel good about yourself and treat you well. Not make you feel insecure and question how you look. Who wants to be with someone who treats you like that?

After being married and divorce, I’ve learned to not accept people in my life that bring me down and don’t respect me. You don’t have to either, because there are plenty of people out there that will treat you well and respect you.

Never make excuses for the way someone treats you. There is nothing wrong with you, eat like you normally would and forget about that guy. You are too good for him. :hrtlegolove:


It doesn’t sound like the guy has much in the way of a redeeming personality. You are much better off with a person who likes you just as you are. He has burned his bridges. He can’t unsay what he’s already said.

How do you stop liking someone who is like that? I think that may have to do with taking a very close look at the reasons why you think that you like him. Quite often, when you take a really good look at someone, it will either make them more attractive to you, or it will have you wondering why you were ever attracted to that person.

I suspect that you were attracted to who you thought he was rather than who he actually is.


Hi Elie,
welcome to Heart Support and thank you very much for reaching to out to us.
it is not ok to hurt someone with words or actions.
if someone likes you and respects you, he would never say something like this. he made you feel insecure
about yourself, about your body. this is definetily not ok.
surround yourself with people that love you for who you are truly and respect that.
you deserve that. you are worth it my friend. have a nice day and feel hugged,


HI, Elie. Don’t be anxious about your figure. Why should we care what other people think of us? Be yourself and be a confident woman. We should focus on the people who like us instead of the people we like. Go do something else, travel, play sports, and do whatever you want. Give yourself three days or a week or more to get over this person. And then get back to your life. Own your accomplishments, career, and interests, and let yourself stand out in the crowd. Let the people around you see the change in you, regardless of what appearance can bring us. The intrinsic value is often greater than the external. I’m sure you’ll do a great job!

As @Jiaqi777 said, be yourself! If you’re happy with who you are, why should you have to change yourself to be more liked by others, but possibly spare your own happiness as well? Your vibe attracts your tribe, remember that <3

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