How do i talk to you in private taylor usually whe

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How do I talk to you in private Taylor usually when I tell anyone my story they look at me different and judge me even therapist psychiatrist it all bad I don’t trust anyone so how can I trust you I feel hopeless lost and stuck im being gaslighted by a covert narcissist who has torn my whole family apart turned them all against all I have left is my mom and my cat my life feels turned upside down inside out in a long tell of lie’s and I think that even the police are against me Iv been beat up and the cops want to arrest me I went to my mom’s house and my brother and his wife had my jumped from behind someone sucker punch me from behind with brass knuckles knock me I get up hit me again knocked me out I go through it about 15 times until who ever it was could not go anymore and I m looking for who w it was because now I’m up must of wore him out no one around I call the cops and they are there to arrest me im bleeding under my eye is split wide open yes they were going to arrest me if my mom said that she did not invite me in they would of took me to jail and callee the cops and they didn’t not question anyone in the house about what happened to me and I told them what happened how see it not right and now I live with my mom they are moving out and we call the cops because they are starting trouble and the cops say they can’t make them leave made me leave though when I live here to not them though my story is long and get tired of telling it

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There is more to it just don’t want to say it on here I don’t think be anyone can help me to stop them from doing this to me social media not helping them from spreading rumors about me don’t know what to do I think the only way out would be to just find a place to die alone don’t worry just I thought I could never do it myself I can’t hurt me that way never end my own life

I want to fight back it seems like I’m fighting for nothing they want me to be violent I used to be a violent person and Iam not anymore what do I do when that is the only way I can win and would lose at the same time help lost and beat down physically emotionally mentally I just just want it to stop need someone to give me advice that is just what is happening I have told you the beginning yet hopefully you Taylor no one else because iv been listening to your analysis this songs and when you do it hit me. Right in the Hart and know why I listen to them now and I sing along with them helps me will it every end get SSDI and have Medicaid Medicare is the only way I have to pay IDK if you can’t help I guess the only thing I can do is just watch you videos over and over thanks for them Taylor and I love you as a person thanks if I’m allowed to say that

I have not told the beginning

Thank you for sharing this with us and for trusting us with your story; I know it isn’t easy to share these parts of our lives. While I certainly am not Taylor, nor am I sure if there’s a way to access her private practice (if any exists) over this platform, I did want to take a moment to address some of the struggles you’ve mentioned.

It sounds like you’ve been through a ton over the last while. From serious conflict with family to legal struggles, it can be hard to cope with everything. I feel for you. You’ve been through a lot and any frustration, upset, or pain you’re feeling is completely valid. It also is admirable that you’re trying to continue on a journey of self-improvement, trying to resolve conflict nonviolently – I understand how it can be hard to change and it’s wonderful that you aren’t allowing those around you to incite violent reactions.

I’m also glad to hear that Taylor’s videos have been resonating with you and hope you continue enjoying singing along and using the incredible music as a healthy coping mechanism.

Thank you for being here and for sharing. If you ever have more on your mind that you’d like to share, we’re here for you and you can always chat further with us via

Wishing you the best as you navigate this incredibly tough time,

Thank you so much for sharing about this part of your story, friend. I’m so very sorry that you’ve been through this traumatic event and suffered such violence. The physical violence first, then the added violence from the police not believing you or seeing you as the person at fault. I don’t know the context of what happened of course, but can only imagine how discouraging this was for you. It makes completely sense to still feel affected by what happened, especially if it’s being talked about on social media and if people have unfounded opinions about it.

It’s so hard to have been victim of an injustice and to feel like the entire world is working against you. It’s like everything you are shown is that you would not belong and should hide away somehow. In these circumstances, it makes sense to even think about suicide, but I really want to reaffirm to you how much your life matters and you do belong in this world. People reacted poorly and it’s absolutely heart-wrenching, at the same time it will never be the reflection of your worth and importance. You absolutely have a place in this world and your voice deserves to be shared.

I’m so sorry again that you’ve been through this and hope that you will have the possibility to get professional support if that is something you are looking for. Depending on the country you live in, there may be financial aids available that might be worth looking at.

If anything, you are welcome to share more here or vent. We have wonderful volunteers at Heartsupport who can be a supportive, listening ear, during times of struggle. You are not alone. :heart: