How I found success and hope through my very dark past

I’m writing this to let you know that what you are about to read is a very strong and very personal story I have not shared with anyone let alone here. I’ve alluded to it in the past but now is the time to really show the power of what HeartSupport is able to achieve. Viewing discretion is advised as I talk about things that happened in my life and how I overcame them.

To get to the heart of what my success story is I need to go back to the beginning to share with you my steps for success. I was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder at 1 year and 9 months and I didn’t speak for a long time until I was 3 years and 9 months old. With this, I was also an innocent man who was sheltered for many years until school started… I was bullied early on ever since and this never let up ever… This was the onset of my depression which I’m pretty sure I’ve crushed. This doesn’t even get to the worst part of my story is that when I was in high school I was sexually assaulted by a female, keep in mind that I’m a male. This caused the trauma that I have to be bad.

To bring it forward a few years, I was introduced to HeartSupport back in 2017 and I volunteered for them in California the next year. I started to do advocacy for them during this time but I realized that sometimes I need to take a step back and work on self-improvement. I worked through both Re-Write and Dwarf Planet and those helped kick the crud out of my depression and the onset of self-harm that I had. I still have my copy of Dwarf Planet that I look back on sometimes but I know that I’m not that person anymore. I have fortified my heart and I have vowed to help out others in a very positive way. Working through mindset, trauma from abuse, etc, etc.

I hope that people can see this story and be inspired that one person who has been through so much can be saved and supported. I can’t thank HeartSupport enough for the opportunities they have given me and others to share their stories. I hope that people can let me help them the same way I was helped. I’m alive today because of HeartSupport. I will continue to live and prove that I’m able to saved by their work.


Also I changed my name on twitch not long ago you can feel free to find me via OutreachGamer

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Thank you for sharing your story! I love seeing the support on this forum, and knowing it really helps people is even more a reason to continue contributing.

much love,

@PMacDanceDude Pat, I love you brother. I’m so very very VERY proud of the man you are. It’s funny how much we learn about ourselves when we allow the time needed to acknowledge our wounds, get education and and support, and then let the healing process take the time it needs to set in.
You are STILL healing, STILL learning, and STILL growing because that is how life is. We all are.
I’m glad you are at the point in your recovery that you are in presently to openly speak about your past and your struggles.
This is a sign of strength, and I’m proud to be able to know such a strong man, let alone call him friend.
Thank you.



SO thankful you are a part of this community!!

Hi friend!

I am also autistic. And I also have dealt with bullying my entire life. Even in my adult life. I can relate to your story. I battled with depressed and sexual assault. I know all of that. And I’m sorry you had to experience it also.

I am very glad that a rough start was able to turn around into something good. Heart Support is amazing that way in touching peoples lives and making and impact.

I’m so glad that you shared.

Much love to you

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