How metal music has helped me surive

well i’ve never understood why metal music helps me stay alive but now I understand being in every band that I like’s fanbases make me feel like I belong somewhere and now I want to share my story so if ya’ll don’t mind i’m 16 and have been listening to metal since I was 10 and keep standing strong and now I feel like i’m gonna end up working law enforcemnt but I just had a seizure last week but yet I still wanna push myself to be the best person I can be for my city and to be the best represnation of my favorite bands

Hello Bricethebravo5,

Welcome to HeartSupport! Thank you for sharing your story with us! I hope you are feeling better now in regards to your physical health. I think it is amazing that you have found something that keeps you going and now understand why it does as well. I’m really glad that being a part of these metal band fanbases provides you with a feeling of belonging. It really is great when we meet others that share in our love for music, it creates quite the bond and connection.

Law enforcement is a wonderful choice and it will definitely take being able to push yourself to achieve it, so I’m glad that you are willing and eager to do so. Just remember that throughout everything, always try to take care of yourself and your health. Make sure you are doing okay as well! I am rooting for you, and I believe that you can do it! Becoming and being the best versions of ourselves is a process and a journey. It takes time, and has ups and downs. But keep working at it, and you will get there! Wishing you the best! :white_heart: